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    Branded Jeans - A Cool and Stylish Way to Advertise Your Company

    Obviously, a business owner considers all sorts of branded goods at the start of a promotional merchandising campaign. Because this really is a nice way to advertise your company - just give people the opportunity to use all sorts of beautifully designed and useful things with your logo on them, in everyday life.

    Clothes are one of the best and most popular approaches to this goal: comfortable and attractive, good clothes are highly appreciated, and more importantly - used regularly. Now at this point a number of corporate strategists consider giving out sports-wear - t-shirts, caps, trainers and so on. Yet why not pay attention instead to a nearly universal article of clothing - the jeans. Lets just consider the benefits of branded jeans.

    Jeans are the favourite article of wear for most people, and this includes people of all ages, social and professional groups. Yves Saint-Laurent, the fashion specialist himself said, "I wish I had invented blue jeans: spectacular, practical, relaxed and nonchalant." That puts it so aptly - and these days jeans are available in all sorts of colours, designs, sizes and styles, so it will be easy to choose exactly what you need to answer the preferences of your target group. And then choose a design on which your logo will look professional, harmonious and utterly outstanding. Let the logo merge with the design of the branded jeans itself so that it becomes a statement of style.

    Is there really a better way to make a statement about your company?

    Now consider where those jeans will take you: And the answer is, the people who wear these customised jeans will be everywhere, because the jeans is no longer simply informal wear - these days people in many categories of business can wear it to work as well.

    Lets discuss a few strategies for distributing this interesting article of wear...

    Invite your employees and those of your partners, business associates or customers to spend a weekend together - a walk in the mountains, perhaps, or a picnic in the forest, or a little camping - a wonderful way to spend the time. And they are going to be very pleased when you provide them with beautiful branded jeans to wear on this trip. Besides, this sort of endeavour is bound to strengthen the bonds between both the firms involved, and their employees. This sort of strategy will be especially effective if you arrange the trip with the firms of your customers - consider just how much more likely these people will be to deal with people from your company, with this sort of positive association. And the jeans that you hand out on the trip will remind and reinforce these positive associations, again and again, whenever they see or wear them.

    Another excellent idea is to make customised jeans standard wear for your couriers. A simpler strategy would be to hand branded jeans out to teenagers at community events - teenagers love jeans and will wear them absolutely everywhere.

    Jeans are also the favourite wear for people who do a lot of physical labour. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters and similar trades all prefer jeans to any other kind of clothes: jeans are reliable, durable, comfortable in use, have lots of pockets to store useful things and tools. And these people visit all sorts of places - present them a pair of jeans with your message on it, and information about you and your company will travel from office to office, from one organisation to another, and even into people's homes - and everywhere they go, they will open new spheres of influence for your company.

    And these ideas are just a few of what will occur to you if you just take a moment to consider all the possibilities for brand marketing that branded jeans hold out to you.

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