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    Enjoy Some Humour With Funny Fridge Magnets

    Funny Fridge Magnets are another category which adds onto the wide range of kitchen accessories. All kinds of fridge magnets are known to bring in brightness and cheer to all kitchens. These little items of different styles and design when on the refrigerator look attractive and adds colour into the kitchen. Now, they not only offer colour and cheer into the kitchen but humour as well, with the introduction of Funny Fridge Magnets.

    Humour comes in different ways; when selecting these magnets, consumers should choose rightly. Humorous magnets can include adult content too, and these should be carefully selected as they would be viewed by children. It is best that magnets with “innocent-humour” are chosen for homes which children live in or visit.

    Most of the humour on magnets comes with sayings that are printed on them. However, there are some that include funny pictures too, but the most popular are the magnets which have humorous sayings. These humorous magnets can be categorised into different sections each with little funny sayings relevant to the particular category.

    Given below are a few examples of sayings on Funny Fridge Magnets according to categories:

    Housework & Jobs Fridge Magnets:

    1)      “A Clean House is a Sign of Wasted Life”

    2)      “Housework is Evil. It must be Stopped”

    3)      “No one notices what I do, until I don’t do it”

    4)      “Nothing gets me in the Mood like a Man doing my Dishes”

    5)      “If you want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen”

    Cute Kids Fridge Magnets:

    1)      “Its only a Matter of Time before we turn into our Parents”

    2)      “I do not have an Attitude Problem”

    3)      “I am happy…don’t Ruin it”

    4)      “I am so involved being me”

    5)      “Born to be Wild”

    Here are some miscellaneous sayings on Funny Fridge Magnets:

    “I just got back from a pleasure trip. I took my mother-in-law to the Station”

    “Leave my fridge alone”

    “Hard work never killed anyone, but why chance it”

    “Always give 100% at work:

                12% Monday

                23% Tuesday

                43% Wednesday

                20% Thursday

                5% Friday

    Mood magnets also fall into the funny magnet category, and these magnets will be a fun way to express yourself. These magnets are available in 4 versions called mood swinger refrigerator magnets with each having a distinct mood swing. A pack of these funny magnets will make a perfect gift for a moody family member or friend we would know so well, and they are also ideal for home, school or even offices.

    The Mood Swinger – Office Version:  This pack consists of 32 hilarious cartoon faces representing different mood swings. They range from positive emotions ranging from being Efficient and Innovative to negative moods from feeling Stressed and Disgruntled.

    The Mood Swinger – Everyday Version: Available in male and female versions. The moods range from the subtleness of feeling Sad to the ferociousness of being Enraged.

    The Mood Swinger – The Home Version: The 32 hilarious magnets range from feeling Overwhelmed and Depressed to Enlightened and Healthy.

    The Mood Swinger – A total of 32 kid cartoon faced magnets ranging from feeling Hyper and Excited to Lonely and Bored.

    Funny Fridge Magnets will always bring a smile onto the face of anyone. Mood Swinger magnets will be an excellent gift which might even bring out positive results.

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