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    Fridge Frames “Who’s on your fridge?”

    What are Fridge Frames? It is a new method of framing and showing your pictures in a quick and methodical manner on your refrigerator. Each magnetic PVC-designed picture frame has multi-pockets and custom made to hold your favourite photographs. These pockets are in different sizes and angles, to make it possible to accommodate all your photographs. The frames are “splash-free”, taking away any worry of spoiling your favourite photographs since they are on a refrigerator where lots of food and drink is moved around.

    Fridge Frames are a quality product made with great care as it needs to protect your favourite photographs. Each frame is made using three layers of high-quality soft PVC material to make sure that the product is strong and durable. The pockets are protected from expected spillages from the refrigerator. This is the very first time a unique product such as this was put out into the market, and it is gradually getting popular with lots of homes having them on refrigerators. This latest kitchen accessory brightens up your kitchen and gives an extra-special homeliness.

    Your visitors will soon be walking into your kitchen asking the question, “Who’s on your fridge?”  No more hassle of sticking pictures into an album and turning pages. Your Fridge Frames can have your most recent photographs for some time, and it can have a change when you get bored with them.

    Here are some features of these frames:

    • The pockets can hold from 3-9 photographs
    • The washable cover protects the photographs from damaging
    • Easy to use
    • Strong magnets hold the frames firmly onto the refrigerator

    There is wide range of design and styles at retail and online stores. Given below are some of these attractive designs:

    • Iris – White Design
    • Optical – Soft Stripes Design
    • Optical – Vertical Spots Design
    • Iris – Black Design
    • Iris – Blue Polka Dots Design
    • Pixel – White Design

    Fridge Frames are a perfect gift for any occasion. Friends and family will be pleased to have a gift which could be used in an attractive manner. You can arrange your photographs according to an occasion such as a wedding, graduation, birthday party, anniversary celebration, a christening, or even pictures of your pets, holidays and so on.

    Since photographs come in different sizes these frames are also available accordingly. You can select them according to size, dimension, as single frames or even a frame that can hold a collection of photographs. They are great to use as they give your kitchen a special attraction in a neat and orderly manner.

    These unique frames can also be hand-made, making them more extra-special for your personal use of even as a gift.

    Shop today for the latest Fridge Frames at your online store and select the best of your choice.  These become excellent fridge magnets and will lighten up your kitchen and give your fridge a personal touch that will make your kitchen more personal and homely. This newest addition to the range of kitchen accessories is simple, organized and neat.

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