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    Logo Umbrellas - Are They Used in the Summer Too?

    With global warming and rising skin cancer rather, in the Summer logo umbrellas can be used to keep your customers protected, from getting burned in areas where the sun seems to be really strong. Besides, blocking the sun and rain, these umbrellas are great promotional items, to display your logo, quite clearly. Whether you are planning to go to the beach, play golf, or take your kids on a picnic, these promotional umbrellas will be a great walking advertisement for your company. With other smaller promotional items, like pens, mugs etc, you tend to forget using them and they end up in a shed, garage, or a drawer. But this is not the case with the umbrellas, as they are bigger, more practical and useful. These products are great to leave a good impact on your existing customers, encourage any new customers and increase your sales.

    1. The Logo Umbrellas usually have an auto-open mechanism and steel-frame for great strength. They have a big canopy, for providing ample coverage. There are some excellent designs featuring black coloured ribs and gilt fittings. Many people would always choose these umbrellas, for their cute designs and beautiful colours. Apart from being a source of fun and entertainment for the adults and children, they can be quite handy and useful for your everyday use.

    2. Umbrellas with carbon steel, storm proof frame, are available at competitive prices. They have varying panel colours and beautiful patterns on top of the canopy, which look really stunning from a distance. Some companies offer fabulous designs for ladies, which are lightweight and also look quite unique and elegant.

    3. There are large varieties of colours, designs and styles, which are quite easily available online or from local stores. These logo umbrellas are quite reliable and can be used for many occasions. Many companies these days are working hard on improving their standards, for manufacturing good quality promotional products. They make use of the latest technology, to meet the changing needs of their valuable customers.

    4. Some designs feature black pistol grip or rubber handles, which are great for an easy and comfortable grip and usually available in smaller sizes. Eco-friendly umbrellas are great promotional items for spreading an important message about the significance of protecting our environment.

    5. There are some old traditional designs with hooked handle, waterproof canopy and a velcro fastener. These umbrellas also have good quality polyvinyl chloride membranes. Company names or logos can be printed or painted either on the canopy or on handles, to grab customer's attention.

    Many well established manufacturers and suppliers offer a wide variety of these logo umbrellas, offering a number of various characters and designs, which are appreciated by people and children of all ages. Companies, which are selling these items for promoting their brand name, are enjoying a huge success. You can simply give out these promotional umbrellas as a generous gift to your friends or relatives, at any time of the year. These umbrellas can play a vital role in building a good reputation and promoting the company name.

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