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    Make Your Marriage Memorable With Wedding Fridge Magnets

    Fridge magnets are a popular kitchen accessory is reaching great heights with newer innovations; they are now being used as Wedding Fridge Magnets. One would wonder how this little item could have any relevance to a wedding.

    Here are some of the latest trends on using fridge magnets for weddings:

    1) People are always on the look out for unique ideas – something that will stay in the minds of friends and relatives. In trying to achieve this objective, today fridge magnets are used as wedding invitations. Could there be any better way than to have your wedding invitation stuck on the refrigerator – a place that is constantly seen by every member in the family.

    Creating them will be fun. You can have an image of something relevant to the theme of your wedding, and of course the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. You definitely will not be able to have all the wedding information included on this little magnet, but it can have the most important details as mentioned above.

    To have a Wedding Fridge Magnet as an invitation is a great idea, and it will be sentimental to see this magnet on fridges of family and friends, even long after your wedding.

    2) It is also an excellent wedding favour. Wedding favours are little gifts given by the bride/groom as a token of thanks to all guests for being a part of their special moment. Traditionally it was almonds or chocolates that were given out, wrapped in net or in boxes. But the trend today is far more classy and stylish, with personalized fridge magnets being given out as wedding favours.

    Here are some ideas on how this could be done:

    • You can create your own Wedding Fridge Magnets online with a simple photo editing software. There are also many online stores who will assist you with the creation and printing.

    • You can have a simple “Thank you” message in a decorative script with a relevant wedding picture and the names of the bride/groom along with the date.

    • It can also be a magnet with only a photograph of the bridge/groom with a “Thank you” message

    • Your “Thank you” message can have a picture which will blend with the theme of your wedding; for example if it is a beach wedding – sand or seashells, if it is to be held in a garden – flowers or garden seats, if the venue was a castle – a picture of a castle. You just got to be creative.

    • Another novel idea for Wedding Fridge Magnets would be to have individual photographs of your wedding guests printed on the magnets along with the “Thank you” message and have them sent out. This will have a more personal effect.

    Creating these magnets, whether as a wedding invitation or a wedding favor is an interesting exercise for the couple. There are many online stores which offer a range of ideas as well as their services to help create these unique fridge magnets. Here is a good opportunity to make your wedding a memorable event amongst family and friends by giving them a beautiful token of appreciation in the form of Wedding Fridge Magnets.

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