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    T-Shirts Logo Printing For Your Business

    T-shirts logos are a great marketing gimmick often thought up by sometime back by taking sporting goods manufacturers marketing strategy into account. Sport product makers such as Nike, Addidas etc. were some of the first business establishments to implement logos on T-shirts as a means of advertisement. Furthermore, they even charged a certain premium to get them. This way the shirts they sold had their brand logo as advertisements and they made a profit out of selling them. Many different companies and businesses around the world, to market their brand name and popularize their image among the masses, today employ this strategy.

    T-shirts logos can come in every size and shape. Some of the common types are:

    •A simple brand mark on the front of the T-shirt
    •The company name printed on the back and the logo on the front
    •A tag line along with the logo
    •A whole line of dresses with the company’s logo on it for the purpose of sale

    The most common of these methods is the simple logo on one side of the Tee. This is preferred by many companies because the whole look of the T-shirt is maintained while their brand name is advertised. It is however applicable to large corporations or companies with a good hold on the market. A small startup company cannot use this kind of T-shirts logos because the public will be unaware of the company. These new institutions can choose to advertise using the second and third type of logo Tees. Manufacturing a whole line of branded tees for sale is not in the realms of possibility of most companies because it requires a huge investment and a completely different subsidiary of the company to manage it. Therefore, such kind of logo based T-shirt lines are used by sporting companies and designer labels, bag manufacturers etc.

    The tone of the logo on a Tee also matters depending on the type of audience you want to cater towards. Here it is important to distinguish between the different types of T-shirt designs and prints as per the recipient.

    •For children using cartoons and fantasy characters work best with a logo in there
    •For men, funky shirts with logos or simple Golf Tees with logos do best
    •For women recipients, embroidery Tees and Short sleeve Tees work best

    As you can see, the type of T-shirts logos is quite often used for selling your brand and will depend on the age and sex of the receiver.

    There are many different methods to manufacture these logo Tshirts. Earlier methods such as air brushing and silk screens are no longer used today. Instead embossing, appliqué work, patchwork and laser printing onto Tees are done. These newer methods are cheaper and last longer as well. Furthermore, the current technology allows even families to print their family pictures and holiday pictures onto T-shirts, which they can give off as gifts during weddings and other occasions. The brand power of these amazing T-shirts logos are enormous and therefore should be exploited by each business establishment.

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