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    Tee Shirts Are For The Young And Old

    Tee shirts in general are for everyone. Young and Old, Men, Women and Children, everybody can wear them. Visit any garment store and you will find a staggering collection of T-shirts. This is probably because of the versatility of T-shirts. After all there are not many garments that can be worn on a daily basis and yet not look fashionable. The only other piece of garment that comes close to this apparel in terms of demand is the quintessential jean.

    Some of the different types of shirts are:

    •Funny shirts
    •Plane shirts
    •Cartoon shirts
    •Offensive shirts
    •Golf Tees
    •Embroidery shirts

    With so many types of Tee shirts available, to choose from it can sometimes be a hassle picking the right ones for you. This is especially troublesome when choosing T-shirts as a gift for some one. It all depends on who the target recipient of these apparels are. After all, you cannot go about bestowing offensive captions upon T-shirts such as political or social messages to kids. Their parents would not agree to this and neither will the children wear them. What you want to do is give children, T-shirts that have some or the other cartoon caricature on them or a super hero printed on them. In case of little girls, you can go about giving Barbie or Cinderella Tee shirts.

    However incase of buying T-shirts for yourself, there is no limitation on what you can choose from. It all depends on your attitude. T-shirts bring your attitude out for you. Therefore, tread carefully when deciding on one for yourself. You must be particularly careful on the intended sex of these T-shirts, as it would not be socially acceptable to wear T-shirts, which either promote or offend a particular sex especially if you are not the intended wearer. This however, should not be an issue in most cases as T-shirts for women and men are placed in different segments of a garment shop. Even then, it is vital to keep this in mind when choosing one for yourself.

    Women T-shorts are not much different from Mens Tee shirts in their material or style. They differ mostly in their making. Some of the differences in the Tees for both sexes are:

    •Women Tees have shorter arm lengths
    •Men T-shirts tend to be larger in size as compared to Women Tees
    •Women Tees generally are lighter in shades
    •If a T-shirt has embroidery then it is most definitely for women

    Golf Tees are an excellent summer wear since they are made from 100% cotton. Any T-shirt made from 100% cotton will provide you with the best ventilation thus keeping you cool and allowing the excess sweat to dry quickly. Some of the other types of materials used to make T-shirts are:

    •Jute, synthetic cotton etc.
    •Synthetic fabrics such Nylon, Rayon, Terelyne etc.
    •Wool and denser fabrics

    Choosing the right fabric for your Tee shirts depends on the weather of your place. If you live in a cold climate then a synthetic or a denser fabric Tee will work well. However if you live in a hot and humid environment year round avoid most of the synthetic variants since they can easily soak in sweat and therefore stink faster.

    T-shirts are one item in clothing that will never run out of fashion. The cost and variety alone make sure that they remain in demand year round.

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