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    The Educational Uses of Fridge Magnets Words

    Retail and online stores feature in abundance a variety of fridge magnets, including another unique concept of Fridge Magnets Words. These special types of magnets are available in different categories:

    -         Magnetic Word Games

    -         Magnetic National Literacy Strategy Words

    -         Romantic Words Fridge Magnet Set

    -         Shakespeare Fridge Magnet Set

    -         First Words Magnetic Poetry

    1)      Magnetic Word Games: A range of words pertaining to a certain category or topic is available in a sheet of an A4 sized paper. You can purchase a sheet of your choice, and cut the words, and use them as a word game on your refrigerator.

    2)      Magnetic National Literacy Strategy Words: Suitable for 4 & 5 year old kids. You can leave them on the fridge within easy reach of children so they can easily play and make simple sentences. Encourages learning while playing. Make Early Word Learning Fun with Fridge Magnets Words.

    3)      Romantic Words Fridge Magnet Set: About 400 magnetic words which cling to fridges. It gives an opportunity to show your skills in the romantic and enchanting side and compose poems and messages. You will never be lost for words!!

    4)       Shakespeare Fridge Magnet Set: 400 magnetic words re-creating the powerful poetry of THE BARD, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Merchant of Venice, Anthony & Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. Try out your skills with a different technique.

    5)      First Words Magnetic Poetry: Words include standard pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions. The pack also includes a few special theme words to help make simple sentences. A fun way of learning the first words on the refrigerator.

    Given above are just a few examples of Fridge Magnets Words. This can be considered as a new concept of teaching, trying out your skills and even conveying a message to a family member or loved one. All this can be done in the cosy little kitchen area of your home. Families can also play little word games using these magnets in the kitchen – this can make things interesting to spend time with mum while she does the cooking for the family. A mother will always be thrilled to have her family around her enjoying a game on the refrigerator while she prepares the family meal. Here is a novel method of increasing healthy and positive family relationships in this busy world of ours.

    Another idea with Fridge Magnets Words which is now widely promoted at online stores is to make your own little magnets. The method is very simple and you only need a couple of materials such as:

    -         Construction paper or poster board

    -         Foam-craft letters

    -         Self-sticking magnets

    -         Glue

    -         Scissors

    Little kids could do these themselves with the supervision of an adult. It will create more value and the use of the letters will be more appreciated. The kid needs to cut squares from the poster board to fit the size of the foam letters. There should be enough squares for the entire alphabet and a few extras with the vowels and some of popularly used letters. Glue each letter to the poster board and when it is dry attach the self-sticking magnet at the back.  Here is your kid’s complete set of letters which they can use for exciting word games on the refrigerator.

    Fridge Magnets Words are more appropriate to be used as a playing or learning device, rather than a fridge magnets main prime purpose.   

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