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    Why You Need to Include Branded Products in Your Marketing Strategy

    Branded products can form a strong vector in your advertising strategy. Whether you consider these customised products a key or peripheral strategy, the fact remains that you cannot afford to ignore this area when you make your advertising plans.

    Here is the how and why you should set up a promotional brand advertising strategy:

    THE WHY:

    • It is simple. Promotional advertising using customised goods, perhaps with your logo and contact information on them, perhaps even a slogan, is a proven technique. And that is saying a lot.
    • Organisations, groups and companies everywhere have used this strategy successfully, and thousands more are still using it today. And the reason they hand out promotional branded products is simple. It works. So you have rock groups and sports clubs using branded promotional advertising, as well as universities, schools and country clubs.


    • Just consider what happens when you hand a person a free t-shirt with your company logo on it. There have to be a few parameters met in the production of that t-shirt, of course. It must be well designed and attractive - attractive enough that a person will be happy and proud to wear it. Then it must be of good quality - this is crucial, because you want that t-shirt - or any branded products that you hand out - to last.
    • And what are the results? The person wears that t-shirt for as long as it lasts - and if the quality is good, that will be a long time. And everywhere he or she goes, your logo goes too. He or she will wear it going down the street to the grocery, or in the park, or in the gym, or just about anywhere - and everywhere they go, those who wear your t-shirts will take the company image with them, and advertise your company.
    • All this, for the price of a t-shirt. This is why promotional advertising is so successful, because it is effective, and because it is very economical in the long run.


    • Now how do you go about making your branded products campaign successful? Well, the first point is, you must make the right choices when you start out on a promotional merchandise campaign. Isolate your audience, your clientele - is it a mature audience? Is it teenagers?
    • Then choose promotional goods that are suited to that audience. If it is teenagers, caps and clothing are great, as well as trainers and sports wear - teenagers make for great publicity, especially if you are handing out great stuff for free.
    • A mature audience needs to be handled differently - they will probably like elements of style, long-lasting products, quality and utility. Stationary, leather goods, bags and umbrellas will all go down well with a mature audience.

    So just analyse your audience, choose branded products that they will truly value, and your advertising campaign will be an unqualified success and your sales and brand reputation will increase as a direct result of this.

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