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    Latest Requests

    We are trying to source 50 black director's chairs asap. I need a cost estimate immediately please.
    12:00AM Mar 19th 2002 Ref:123
    I am looking for

    1. Mini fridges
    2. Mini air conditioners
    3. Promotional thermometers
    12:00AM Mar 19th 2002 Ref:122
    I am looking for a trade supplier of promotional gifts for a new business start up.
    12:00AM Mar 19th 2002 Ref:121
    I need 300 binders printed in two colours. 50mm spine. 4 D Ring.
    12:00AM Mar 18th 2002 Ref:120
    I am looking for prices for a low quantity run of t-shirts (10 - 20) which could be a repeat order. They are to test the market with a mind to selling at music festivals this year. They will all be 1 colour with 1 of the designs being a B&W image (photographic). The t-shirts will all be 1 size (Large) although if a quote for different sizes could be included it would be appreciated.
    12:00AM Mar 18th 2002 Ref:119
    We are a middle sized company dealing in mobile phone accessories and I need free standing card board displays to prop up near counters in shops.
    12:00AM Mar 18th 2002 Ref:118
    5000 foam toe dividers or emery buffer boards measuring up to 4.5 inches.
    12:00AM Mar 18th 2002 Ref:117
    We are looking for a company to fulfil orders from our website. We take orders for customised t-shirts, with just a few words printed on them. Each t-shirt is unique. We limit the number of options available to customers to keep the orders simple. Choice
    12:00AM Mar 15th 2002 Ref:116
    Books on Internet Security 1000 to 3000 units.
    12:00AM Mar 15th 2002 Ref:115
    Disposable cameras for a corporate party. Ideally glittery or similar - 15 needed.
    12:00AM Mar 15th 2002 Ref:114
    Bespoke Clothing. Rugby Shirts made to order, minimum order at one time = 10 Shirts up to several 100`s at one time. Ongoing orders when set up.
    12:00AM Mar 15th 2002 Ref:113
    Charity Donation Box that can be printed to our design, either standard or bespoke.
    12:00AM Mar 15th 2002 Ref:112
    2000 Polo shirts, navy blue, embroidered one position.

    Also 500 mugs printed one colour.
    12:00AM Mar 15th 2002 Ref:111
    *Small* quantities of printed merchandise for non-profit organisation who don't have a lot of money for up-front investment...
    12:00AM Mar 15th 2002 Ref:110
    We are looking for blank promotional items for our screen printing business.
    12:00AM Mar 15th 2002 Ref:109
    I'm looking for cheapish chrome banana holders or 'trees', as they're called. I don't have a quantity in mind, but it will probably be in the '000's, when we get the go-ahead.
    12:00AM Mar 14th 2002 Ref:108
    Albums to display pin badges with butterfly clips on rear
    12:00AM Mar 14th 2002 Ref:107
    Floating Keyrings
    12:00AM Mar 14th 2002 Ref:106
    Books on DIY, Home Decorating, also Mini-Toolkits - 3000 units.
    12:00AM Mar 14th 2002 Ref:105
    25K, 50K, 100K blowing bubbles
    12:00AM Mar 13th 2002 Ref:104
    Mini photo albums branded-good quality for baby photos. Initial quantity 3000 with reorder of 15000. 1st quantity required 27.03.02. Can place order on this.
    12:00AM Mar 11th 2002 Ref:103
    Printed webbing (similar to that used for luggage straps, bags or lanyards). Cut into strips 35cm long x 2cm wide. Each printed with a 4 (spot)colour logo at repeated intervals. Quantities 1000, 5000.
    12:00AM Mar 11th 2002 Ref:102
    Printed T Shirts, sweatshirts & caps with 1 - 4 colour print, 1 position. Quantities of 50 / 100 / 250 / 500.
    12:00AM Mar 11th 2002 Ref:101
    7,500 good quality Red Santa Hats ex stock. Need delivery this week.
    12:00AM Mar 10th 2002 Ref:100
    I am searching for football player car hang ups and also a football t-shirt supplier.willing to bulk order on both
    12:00AM Mar 10th 2002 Ref:99
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