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    800 - 1000 disposable cameras - branded with single colour logo. Delivery required 30/11/04
    12:00AM Oct 28th 2004 Ref:3293
    10,000 white paper carrier bags 15 x 18 x 3inch with paper handles (takeraway type) printed 1 colour by the 10/11/04
    12:00AM Oct 28th 2004 Ref:3294
    Toothbrush. Good quality not the one use ones that you fin on airoplanes but something like you would use regulary printed with our company logo.

    Also would look at a set wich includes a small tube of toothpase and amybe a holder
    12:00AM Oct 28th 2004 Ref:3295
    50 small t.shirts with band name across the chest
    12:00AM Oct 28th 2004 Ref:3296
    25 white t shirts printed with an A4 logo on front. (supplied)
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3270
    small quantity of cheap budget pens (100-150) with one large writing of text and below that, a small website address.
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3271
    I am looking to print up some standard A4 dark blue opaque snopake type plastic wallets for presentations etc. The attached picture shows a typical version of this folder, however I think it is still transparant and we would be looking for something a little darker and more opaque, so that you cannot see the documents inside.
    We would like the company logo and details printed in white on the left hand corner on the popper side of the wallet. Similar to my signature below and we would be looking for around 300.
    If you could provide me with a quote and a sample it would be much appreciated.
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3272
    Hi-Vis Safety waistcoats/vests for children to walk to school, around 150
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3273
    Following the re-vamping of our Long Services Awards scheme I am seeking 200 x£100 vouchers on an annual basis. There will need to be a County Council logo on any vouchers
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3274
    Rubber Ducks for a Duck Race - 500 to 1000
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3275
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3276
    500 Light/beige branded dusters
    (logo to be printed 4 colours) and same number of wooden boxes measuring approx 30cm deep x 12cm wide x 10cm high
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3277
    Style:Box and lid
    Size:16' long x 11' wide x 4' deep (Or nearest standard size due to small quantity)
    Colour: Black or silver
    Quantity: 50
    Logo overprint if possible
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3278
    I require a quote for 800 bags that are to be used at a phrmaceutical event/meeting. The bags need to be of good quality and of professional appearance, they must also be able to transport a laptop or have a seperate compartment for this function.
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3279
    plastic trophies - no smaller than 4 inches, no bigger than 8 inches. I am not after a large amount of these trophies.
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3280
    looking for boxes (plasti/cardboard) to display items such as pin badges key rings etc... small quantity req.
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3281
    50,000 tea spoons - unbranded
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3282
    we require 100-200 white mugs showing our company logo, I would like to have some costings please
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3283
    Giant Lollipops
    Bubble Guns
    Sun Visors
    Sweat Bands
    Quantities of 10,000 and 50,000 all branded with 2 colour logo
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3284
    FOTO STORE FJ40 photo album
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3285
    we are looking for the kraft paper bag (plain brown paper bag) size 9 inch by 10 inch and would lke 50 cartons at a thousand per carton......... or a pallette. you can also contact us by fax on 0208 572 1961
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3286
    sunshade for front of car with tigger the tiger from whinny the pooh on it
    12:00AM Oct 27th 2004 Ref:3287
    mug x50 (will accept 100 minimum) white, standard shape/weight, large logo on outside with option of additional on internal eyeline and on mug handle, 2 colour logo, also interested in packaging ideas. Delivery date 29 November - please advise
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2004 Ref:3247
    I am looking for a small piece of pizza made of rubber or plastic to be used as a free giveaway item. If if was on a key chain it would be great!
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2004 Ref:3248
    We are looking for a quote for 55 swiss balls (the large inflatable balls that you use in the gym) preferably in white with a two colour logo printed on the side.
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2004 Ref:3249
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