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    Quality plastic oversized A5 bag. One colour bag with one colour logo/strapline
    Bulk delivery required on 5th November 04
    12:00AM Oct 22nd 2004 Ref:3217
    I need 350 good quality stunt kites printed with one colour logo on kite and on pouch. 150 for delivery in Switzerland on Nov 3rd. Other 200 in UK later.
    12:00AM Oct 22nd 2004 Ref:3218
    digital camaras
    12:00AM Oct 22nd 2004 Ref:3219
    Looking for 200 teacups that changes colours when there is different temperature liquids in it.
    12:00AM Oct 22nd 2004 Ref:3220
    I need of a supplier of custom made, printed pint glasses (tulip style) in the U.K. 100 pieces required...possibly more.
    12:00AM Oct 22nd 2004 Ref:3221
    We need cheap cardboard coasters to advertise a youth type group. printing on both sides with a logo on one of the sides - simple lines and text on the other side. Max. 4 colours. We need about 200 initially and perhaps more later on - but we are a charity and need a cheap price.
    12:00AM Oct 22nd 2004 Ref:3222
    We are looking for a manufacturer which can supply us with customized soft toys by the 8th December 2004. Photos / Designs of this particular soft toy are already in hand. Kindly email us on vchircop@media.link.com.mt at your earliest possible
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3182
    I am looking for someone to supply pens, balloons, keyrings, gonks, mugs etc. with the possibility of having Dept. of Health Records, NHS Lothian logo printed on them
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3185
    Blank Acrylic Key Fobs - Quantity 200
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3186
    A6 gloss laminated to front cover, artwork provided. 1 colour text inside, copyright & artwork info on back on 400gsm stock. Minimum that we can order plus envelopes. We are a charity with limited funds.
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3187
    I'm after 1600 small brass-coloured bells around 10 -15 mm in diameter - the type you would see on the end of santa hats.
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3188
    1000 no. desk pen/pencil holders shaped like a wheelie bin, with a Rahl green body and blue lid to copy the full size bins we currently allocate to our residents.
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3189
    I am looking for 500 white tracksuits, sweatshirts and jop pants, with my web adress written on it in black at the back of the top and across the jog pants. No Logo just an web adress, please contact me with details asap. Please quote me the prices and delivery time. Thanks
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3190
    Good Quality Cigar Lighters - overbranded with client's logo
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3191
    Junior T-Shirt. plain colours ages 3-8
    Junior long sleeve, age as above
    quantity app. 50
    Lady T-shirt, V-neck, plain colour, Sizes M, L 25 pieces per size if possible. Thank u for the quote
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3192
    Mouse mats, printed 2 colours x 250off & 500 off
    Mugs, printed 2 colours, 250 off & 500 off
    Coasters, printed 2 colours x 250 off & 500 off
    Inexpensive but decent biros printed one colour, 500 off & 1000 off
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3194
    Double ended pocket screwdrivers with the 2 different fittings ( phillips and the flat one) 1000 -5000 off printed 1 colour
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3195
    The cheapest Christmas crackers with nothing inside, around 4,000 crackers.
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3196
    plastic membership cards - credit card sized with a signature strip
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3197
    We need large quantities of playing cards good quality at maximum 50pence a pack. Not bothered bout logo but maybe interested.
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3198
    biro shaped like a matchstick to be printed one colour x 5000
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3199
    Hello- I am producing a theatre production and we were hoping to get shirts. What we'd like is Polo Shirts. On the left sleeve we'd like it to say December 2004. On the back on the collar (not on the actual back but if you were to pop up the collar so actually printed there) we'd like it to say My Fair Lady and then on the front right breast have our logo and each person's name. There would be approximately 30 of these made. Is there any way you could let me know how much each would be and how long it would take and get back to me? Thank you!
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3201
    500 personalised christmas crackers, silver with blue and green branding - containing a gift (ie chocolate), a hat and an inspirational quote (not a joke).
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3202
    About 50-100 plain white ladies fitted V-neck t-shirts, with a small amount of text across the front.
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3203
    i would like my own logo printed on 50 plates, 50 knife, fork and spoon and on a 50 cups. High quality like the printed childrens plates in the shops e.g Tiger or bob the builder
    12:00AM Oct 21st 2004 Ref:3204
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