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    I desperately need some hand held video players type thingys! These are a mini item that I need to play about 30 seconds of a video clip. They are for a promotional giveaway to promote a music video. Unknown quantity but please quote anyway!
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3712
    We are interested in getting 100,000 fridge magnets produced. The magnets will include a logo that will need three colours.
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3713
    I am looking for 60x40 correx and A0 correx boards which would have imformation on them and a logo.
    This would be an ongoing thing and i will be ordering through out the whole of next year.
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3714
    I was enquiring as to whether you could print my own logo on sugar sachets for - white sugar, brown sugar and sweetners.
    if you could, how much would it cost me for a 1000 sachets of each kind.
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3715
    Boxs of table torkers
    clear plastic
    50 in 1 box
    need roughly 1000 per month for the whole of next year
    Please contact for sizes
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3716
    We're looking to source the following by next Friday 3rd December:
    150 x match books (branded with logo, 4 colour if possible)
    100 x cigar match boxes (branded with logo, 4 colour if possible)
    300 x chocolate Christmas tree decorations (each chocolate personalised)
    300 x blue Christmas stockings (each stocking personalised)
    300 x cocktail shakers (printed with 1 clr logo)
    300 x cocktail stirrers (printed with 1 clr logo)
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3717
    around 1000 cardboard thermometers (to put on a wall/fridge or similar)
    Printed with our information on them
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3718
    50 plain white short sleeved t-shirts
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3719
    I am looking for a supplier of butter tubs similar to the 'I can't believe it's not butter' tubs without printing, same colour and shape.
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3720
    I have a digital photo studio and want to offer my customers their portraits on playing cards and cushions. I do not need 1000 of each since most likley my customers will order one or two. Can anyone help?
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3721
    We are looking for a quote on a 1000 printed Carrier bags. Here are our details
    Printed Carrier Bags
    15x18x3”, White Bags, 275/550g
    Aperture Handles
    Printed 2 Sides, 2 Colours
    Blue 3005, Orange 144
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3722
    Looking for 500-1000 plastic moulded cones for measuring ring sizes upto 125mm with company logo on.
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2004 Ref:3723
    i am looking for quality glasses, vases, bowls wtc, glass and crystal, engraving if possible to order, quantities of over 100 for each line. thank you
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3678
    Im looking for gift mugs that have 'happy Birthday' 'Get Well Soon' ect
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3679
    I am Looking for Solid Silver Collar made by Tianguis Jackson. Cost around £70.00
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3680
    I am looking for supplier of thinly shredded gold or silver shredded paper for filling elegant gift boxes and baskets. I can only find 2 companies who sell zed-shred thick bulk paper in mat colours. Does anyone know of any companies? Urgently seeking for quick delivery!
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3681
    Hi I'm looking for suppliers of toy theatres, all discriptions.
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3682
    small figurines of fairies, pixies or elves no bigger than 2 inches tall made of resin, clay etc
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3683
    gold organza bags
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3684
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3685
    Aromatherapy candles, printed, or in a printed tin. 100 units We need quotes on 1, 2 , 3, and 4 colour!
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3686
    I am looking for 40-45 tall clear cylindrical glass vases about 30-45cm in height and 10cm in depth. I also need battery operated lights to put inside the vases. I need these items for the 10th December 2004
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3687
    Corrugated cardboard boxes with self locking tabs. 30cm length 30cm width 30cm depth. With logo design printed on front and writing and logo on the bottom. Quantity = 50 boxes
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3688
    plastic carrier bags, 1000, to show company logo and phone numbers.
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3689
    13 telephone kiosks complete with telephone
    floor standing/desk standing - Ideally be able to personalise actual panels with client logo etc but will also need area that can be updated with different promotions
    Will need some sort of privacy hood arrangement will need in-store impact
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2004 Ref:3690
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