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    Neck Pens?

    300 required.
    12:00AM Nov 29th 2005 Ref:10587

    12:00AM Nov 29th 2005 Ref:10588
    i want to seek 3000-5000pcs flags ,four colour printting, 3' *5', please quota me the best price, iwill send you the disign and details if your price is reasonable,please ask me if you have questions.
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10560
    overprinted emergency mobile phone chargers x 250
    1 and 2 colour quote please
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10561
    I am looking to source 750 branded with logo fortune cookies
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10562
    Looking for promotional pens or pencils to include our name. Want aprrox 100-200 but on an extreamly limited budget.
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10563
    small helium filled balloons with overprinting of a globe with company logo printed on. Possible attached to holder rather than strings. Unsure about quantities - probably 200. Happy to fill on location.
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10564
    50 x Top brand DVD Players
    50 x Top brand MP3 Players
    100 x Top brand Portable DVD Players
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10565
    charity wrist bands 1000 in black with red writing
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10566
    1000 childrens tooth brushes
    printed 1 -2 colour
    bs approved
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10567
    Key fobs that float! x50 with company logo & website address. Sky blue.

    Also 3'' x 1'' ish logo stickers - waterproof, probably those raised & padded ones.

    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10568
    Looking for a supplier of 3ply paper napkins single colour with a printed logo and small amount of text printing in a single colour. For a charity celebration max number 500 to 1000 .
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10569
    150 Khaki or military green women's T-shirts in a range of sizes and 150 Khaki or military green men's T-shirts in a range of sizes printed one-colour front and back.
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10570
    sweatbands and the price
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10571
    I need 5,000 yellow carrier bags, with blue text on them.
    12:00AM Nov 28th 2005 Ref:10572
    I need between 150 and 200 pens or pencils for my company with logo printed-20 characters approx. I`m on a tight budget.
    12:00AM Nov 27th 2005 Ref:10557
    3ply paper napkins between 500 and 1000 single colour with a single colour logo and small amount of text
    12:00AM Nov 27th 2005 Ref:10558
    Carrier bags approx 17x15 inch
    (pref silver in colour)
    With a full colour logo printed.
    approx 200 initially
    12:00AM Nov 27th 2005 Ref:10559
    Headphones with one colour printed logo to supply onto our customer, we are a trade customer
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10540
    matchboxes (approx 5000) wristbands (approx 500) lighters (approx 300) cocktail napkins, drinks stirrers, all with logo printed in one colour. any other promotional bar related items.
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10541
    500 or 1,000 or 2,000 yellow flannels which have been embroidered with a bee logo and approx 15 words in black
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10542
    Looking to get 4 x 'cinema drapers' i.e. branded rolls of fabric that lift up and secure at the back with a pole made up for Wednesday nex week. artwork will be ready first thing Monday morning. I can send over an image of what I'm looking for also.
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10543
    a bean bag for a computer mouse
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10544
    I’m currently in the process of looking for T-shirts for a group of Student Ambassadors that we use to show visitors around our university campus. I’m looking for a colour of T-shirt that will go with a bright red jacket, with a university logo on the front and some writing on the back, and I need about 35-40 T-shirts in a variety of sizes. I have about £150 to spend.

    I’m also thinking of ordering some carrier bags to use at our events for prospective students. Ideally, I’d like something in canvas or recycled cardboard, and I’d need about a thousand. These could just be white with our university logo on them.

    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10545
    I'm looking for some Incentive Vouchers for staff motivication.
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10546
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