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    I am looking for 100 units of gifts to give out to my staff as rewards, but they need to be vehicle/car/van related. Anything on that theme. I have around £6-10 per unit to spend.
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10547
    We are looking for a flowrap service to include the printing and supply of the outer box if possible.The idea is is to wrap the articles (2 sizes: 229(L)x30(W)x2mm(G) & 152(L)x30(W)x2mm(G)) in 4 colour printed flowrap packaging then insert into a plain white card box for posting. The total quantity for each size is 9,000 (1,500 x 6 languages each).
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10548
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10549
    branded popcorn boxes
    cost for 500 / 1000
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10550
    I am looking for my newly formed company's logo embroyded on 24 white polo shirts 12 large and 12 ex large nothing on the back please quote if that is enough info.
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10551
    I'm looking for some wall calendars for a dog charity, with each month containing a different photo. We will provide the photos. The calendar should also include a discreet logo of the charity. Initial quantity would be around 250
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10552
    heavyweight hoody tops red in colour with black embroided writing.6 x xl & 2 x lagre & t- shirts to match.
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10553
    500 mousemats either ultra thin or 3mm thickness. normal size 230 x 200 ish size. Full colour from file supplied. Free sample of job required before go ahead. Needed ASAP
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10554
    large and small plastic carrier bags with 2 colour logo 1,5,10 and 20 pound gift vouchers with logo 50 of each and blank keyrings.
    12:00AM Nov 25th 2005 Ref:10555
    i require a max 20 silicon wristbands, adult sized and designed with my own text on them. Can you provide me with a quote including VAT and postage
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10530
    I am looking for approximately 250 branded MP3 players.
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10531
    Hi we are looking for £5,£10 and £20 printed gift vouchers with serial numbersfor delivery next week we will need 100 £5.100 £10 and 50 £20 vouchers many thanks
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10532
    Full colour printed wallet with clear back
    ie.single sided sheet of printed plastic
    with clear sheet welded on back.
    200 x 100 mm approx.
    Quantity : 1,000,000 to 10,000,000
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10533
    I am looking for 500 ethically sourced, vegan friendly wristbands, printed with logo.
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10534
    Trade Enquiry. Family of Rubber Ducks, Mum, Dad and Duckling. Require them to be packed as a family. Price for 20,000, will be regular monthly order
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10535
    Any pen biro pen possible with school logo and name on
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10536
    duffle/drawstring bags (like the bags that JD the sports shop use) approx 1500 with a school logo printed ASAP
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10537
    Primary Need is 150 carrier bags with logo on them
    We also need 250 xmas cards with the same logo inside and web address
    We are also looking unusual gifts for a lead generation event on the 9th of December.
    Please note due to us looking for a promotional partner we also do not mind if it has your company name on this item and states that you are one of our partners due to 60 senior sales and marketing directors and managers attending and we can also provide an attendee list if required.
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10538
    xl hoodies,
    12:00AM Nov 24th 2005 Ref:10539
    I need either a church, house without a chimney or world plastic bank with a logo. 750 pieces
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2005 Ref:10508
    500 Engraved Pens for 30th November. Blue Barrel with rubber grip. Please quote with photos. Need to order today.
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2005 Ref:10509
    300 Conference Folders for 30th November. With 1 colour logo printed on the front. Please send photos and price. Inexpensive quality will be fine.
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2005 Ref:10510
    Hot water bottles
    Good quality, wool, we need to be able to embroider our logo on to it.
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2005 Ref:10511
    I'm looking for a little "matchbook" of flower seeds that could be enclosed into a Welcome pack. The outer "matchbook" type casing would need to be printed/personalised, and seeds could be supplied by ciient for enclosing into the package. Volumes from 10,000 to 50,000.
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2005 Ref:10512
    5000 branded pens. Pier brand printed 2 colour
    12:00AM Nov 23rd 2005 Ref:10513
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