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    Latest Requests

    Personalised sports drinks bottles
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10469
    1000 throwaway disposable plastic printed ponchos
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10470
    I am looking for a very small quantity of car window stickers advertising my business (with my logo, 2 colours (I can supply pantone details)) Maximum of 50.
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10471
    I require a soft sponge ball with a fibre coating to stick to Velcro targets
    We require the ball to look like a football in white and blue. The ball needs to be roughly 6 inches in diametre.
    (I Can supply sample of ball to show fibre outer)
    I require 20,000
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10472
    I require cheap football tops to be printed front and back with logo and text. I will require 1000-2000 initially.

    Please inform of availability, prices, styles etc
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10473
    I am looking to get 1000 corporate keyrings produced, with our logo and telephone number on. We have previously looked at metal bottle opener key rings.
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10474
    Could you please send me a quote for 25, 50 and 100 ceramic mugs, printed with a two colour logo, website details and slogan
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10475
    A high quality, white coffee mug printed in black, type only, on the bottom of the inside of the mug and black only on the base.
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10476
    Approx 50x75mm Fridge Magnet. Black type on white background. Must be high quality. Quantity 100, 500, 1000
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10477
    500 carrier bags
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10478
    i have a client who is looking for 250x 256MB flash drives-, ideally printed 3 colours and with no cap, so a twist one if poss. Catch is he needs these 2 weeks before Xmas
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10479
    I need 5,000 lightweight foam hands printed in one colour.
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10480
    Water bottles 500 ml
    Budget version. For use in health club.
    Initial volume: 50-100

    Towels 100 x 30 ml
    White. Embroidery 1 colour.
    Initial volume: 50-100
    12:00AM Nov 21st 2005 Ref:10481
    We would like 50 tea towels with a photo of our group on them, and 50 mugs with the same photo
    12:00AM Nov 20th 2005 Ref:10456
    st.george's car flags
    12:00AM Nov 20th 2005 Ref:10457
    I need a compass maybe as part of s key ring. Order quantity 100. Max price 0.99p
    12:00AM Nov 20th 2005 Ref:10458
    I am looking for a supplier of blank items for dye sublimation mainly zippo lighters and unusual things apart from mugs, mousemats etc
    12:00AM Nov 20th 2005 Ref:10459
    i am looking for 1000 key rings initialy of the plastic loop type ,
    12:00AM Nov 20th 2005 Ref:10460
    Want 100 lanyards with paw prints printed on it for a give away at a veterinary fundraiser
    12:00AM Nov 19th 2005 Ref:10450
    Bottle Openers x 50
    Logo required
    12:00AM Nov 19th 2005 Ref:10451
    Photographic retirement beer mats
    12:00AM Nov 19th 2005 Ref:10452
    100 calendars 13 page with a picture on each there will be a logo on the front page
    12:00AM Nov 19th 2005 Ref:10453
    Mugs with logo if possible qty 100
    12:00AM Nov 19th 2005 Ref:10454
    Looking for a company to make coasters to order, from photographs, (Supplied)
    12:00AM Nov 19th 2005 Ref:10455
    Rubix cubes on key rings with a possible logo
    12:00AM Nov 18th 2005 Ref:10442
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