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    Can i get a quote of 250, 300 & 500 for toy formula 1 cars (with logo print) and stuffed white Persian toy cats (with possibility to personalise with rbbon, shirt or hangtag)?
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6030
    Hi there, We are looking to have some air fresheners made up in the shape of one of our vans. I do have the art work. we are looking for quotes for 5000 10000 15000.
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6031
    Please can you give me a quote for Qty of 50 and 100 personalised mugs. These mugs need to be white mugs nice enough to use in meeting with clients with our company logo. Evens numbers of each with the logo in green, blue and red
    E.g 33 red, 33 blue 33 green
    16 red , 16, blue , 16 green
    If poss please can you send pdf of the chosen mug
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6032
    I am looking for 'dust cover' bags, like the ones that come with expensive hand bags, for our tiaras. White cloth, with our logo printed on.
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6033
    100 colour printed mugs
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6034
    Hi, we are seeking 110,000 tiny padlocks (novelty for promotion) to supply to client early May
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6035
    trade enquiry: can you please quote me for a 'trend eagle' baseball cap, style name 'elegant', printed 1 colour 1 position. I am trying to source the cap in yellow or black. Please quote me for 150, 250, 500 and 750 pieces and include lead times. Thank you.
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6036
    We are interested in getting some wristbands for our company. We are looking for quotes and more importantly timescales for 1000, 10000 and 50000. Also can anybody supply similar bands to Nike one 2 bands in the same quantities.Colours are standard blue & pink.
    Thank you
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6037
    Polo Shirts--50--logoed with our Company name
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6038
    Please can you send thorugh a quote for 50 and 100 mugs printed with one logo in three assorted colour

    i am intrested in a Marrow mug foe example 33- `Marrow mugs white with red logo, 33- Maro mugs with green lgo...etc etc
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6039
    logo to be printed in:
    one and two positions
    one and two colour print
    quantity 1200 and 2000
    please confirm if all the colours of bottles are the same cost or if silver (for example) is more expensive. Could you also let us know any trade discount you can offer
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6040
    We are looking for Carrier Bags with out Pre-School Logo, Telephone No. and Web Site Address printed on the. Preferably yellow Carrier bags with Navy Blue Writing
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6041
    A thin, snap-shut lightweight polypropylene case, credit card sized, to hold around 15 business cards, printed with company logo.
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6042
    Gift vouchers to sell at the till points. Ideally in Cheque book style. `They would need to be branded and numbered. Denominations of £5, £10, £20 maybe 5 books of each depending on the size.
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6043
    APPROX 250
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6044
    Help! I need 200 rainbow coloured silicone wristbands for an event on May 12th.

    Not too expensive as this is a school project
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6045
    standard size clipboard with company name printed on. Quantity: 100
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6046
    lapel stickers for haning out when money placed in collection on roll if possible
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6047
    Silicon wristbands printed with website
    quote for 50,100,500 and 1000 need complete order by mid May 2005
    12:00AM Apr 28th 2005 Ref:6048
    I'm looking for 50-100 good quality sweatbands with my team's logo AND individual squad numbers emroidered on them
    12:00AM Apr 27th 2005 Ref:5993
    100 plastic security wristbands - plain, 1 colour
    12:00AM Apr 27th 2005 Ref:5994
    Could you please quote me a price for 500 orange silicone debossed wristbands.
    Could you also include VAT in the price and also quote me a delivery charge
    to Bedfordshire.
    12:00AM Apr 27th 2005 Ref:5995
    Walking stick badges and tea towels with a map of HAYLING ISLAND
    50 of each
    12:00AM Apr 27th 2005 Ref:5996
    Autograph Album to collect autographs in. approx.50 sheets, 4x6 or 3x5 in plastic cover with our 4color logo on the front, spiral/staple or other binding OK
    need by June 1 2005-hope to keep cost low as to be able to sell at $1 or to give away.
    12:00AM Apr 27th 2005 Ref:5997
    wrist bands -- in cloth, elasticated, or tie on with logo on it. Depending on price up to 10,000. would like more than one colour if not too expensive. Event is a Walk for Peace over several months with thousands of participants
    12:00AM Apr 27th 2005 Ref:5998
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