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    Wallchart calanders x 100,000 for a university project
    E-mail only
    12:00AM Apr 18th 2005 Ref:5866
    16 mb usb sticks with our logo on it. We would like 50.
    12:00AM Apr 18th 2005 Ref:5867
    Key ring showingg 4 leaf clover or Irish Elf
    12:00AM Apr 18th 2005 Ref:5868
    12 bright yellow waterproof or washable tabbads with ties at the sides for hospital volunteers to wear. Artwork to be provided.
    12:00AM Apr 18th 2005 Ref:5869
    100,000 disposable paper cups
    double wall
    printed 4 colour or 3 colour
    Lids also to be supplied
    12:00AM Apr 18th 2005 Ref:5870
    School lunch boxes, plastic, any colour to include company brand. 3000-4000 qty
    12:00AM Apr 18th 2005 Ref:5871
    Personalised Confetti
    12:00AM Apr 18th 2005 Ref:5872
    Football Wristbands
    12:00AM Apr 17th 2005 Ref:5847
    all types of beer promotion stuff for student project from beer mats to bar towls and trays , t shirts
    12:00AM Apr 17th 2005 Ref:5848

    I am currently looking for a supplier who can supply me with approx 300 wrist bands, they are of a knitted elasticated material, would be able to supply sample if you feel you can help me, colours are Light Blue with Orange strip around the middle approx 70mm wide to fit adult wrists.

    12:00AM Apr 17th 2005 Ref:5849
    clear pencil cases 50 plus
    12:00AM Apr 17th 2005 Ref:5850
    we are searching for costom made silcone bands so we can advertise our band. we would want about 50 and yes we would need our logo printed on them
    12:00AM Apr 17th 2005 Ref:5851
    Latex Wristbands embossed with message. Two colour wrist band mixed.
    Qty approx 2500
    12:00AM Apr 17th 2005 Ref:5852
    I am looking for a supplier of soft toy dogs, that are real looking, and almost life size
    12:00AM Apr 17th 2005 Ref:5853
    We are a charity special needs nursery
    looking for rubber wristbands that are all the rage with our name on and 25th anniversary 2005 . Approx 200 -300
    12:00AM Apr 17th 2005 Ref:5854
    I am looking for blank metal,wooden and plastic key rings/fobs with inserts in the centre.I am looking for quality and unique key rings in quantities of 300 to start with.
    12:00AM Apr 16th 2005 Ref:5841
    t-shirts with self printed logos
    12:00AM Apr 16th 2005 Ref:5842
    miniature rubgy balls, 50 items ( or if sold in lots......will consider more for improved discount)
    with SJP or PREP RFC imprinted
    12:00AM Apr 16th 2005 Ref:5843
    approx 1000 silicone wrist bands in red or red and white
    with yet to be decided logo embossed on it.raising money for sports club
    12:00AM Apr 16th 2005 Ref:5844
    I am a film and media student looking for ten cheap "Oscar" style trophies for our annual film making award ceremony
    12:00AM Apr 15th 2005 Ref:5819
    I am looking for wristbands in the sytle of livestrong or anti-racism. This will be 3 bands in one (like the anti-racism one). The black band will be blank, the white one will have our logo and the red one will say Proud2be. Will need 1000 or 2000 to start.
    12:00AM Apr 15th 2005 Ref:5820
    Please can you send me a quote for printing 3,600 air fresheners, circular, with 70mm diameter, printed four colours on both sides. Please can you also let me know a lead time. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on the number below.
    12:00AM Apr 15th 2005 Ref:5821
    I am looking to purchase 2006 Diaries (100 ) it is wire bound with a plastic wallet at the back - size should be no smaller than quarto. polypropolene cover - available to print on...
    12:00AM Apr 15th 2005 Ref:5822
    I am seeking 1,000 minature magnetic dartboards, they are approx 9.5cm x 9.5 cm and come supplied in a clear cd case that you can brand by putting a cd slip in the cover. Need these urgently. Quick Decision will be made
    12:00AM Apr 15th 2005 Ref:5823
    Hi we are looking for a quote on approx 500 white ballpoint pens (blue ink) With printed logo in two shades of blue and tel no.
    12:00AM Apr 15th 2005 Ref:5824
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