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    2,000 Flings, printed in 2 colour.
    12:00AM Sep 20th 2005 Ref:9582
    500 T-towels, one colour print with community project information on
    12:00AM Sep 20th 2005 Ref:9583
    satin ribbon awareness Black
    price for 100 - 500
    12:00AM Sep 20th 2005 Ref:9584
    Fridge magnets, in two colours, about 10cm x 4 cm. as cheap as possible!
    Alos car stickers, bout 200mm x 75mm again in two colours, also as cheap as possible! Magnets and stickers must have logo on them!
    12:00AM Sep 20th 2005 Ref:9585
    150 cloth napkins in white
    with a masonic square and compass motiff in royal blue and gold
    12:00AM Sep 20th 2005 Ref:9586
    100 quality port glasses
    100 red and white wine glasses
    100 piece set stainless steel cutlery set
    all with square and compass masonic motiff
    12:00AM Sep 20th 2005 Ref:9587
    childrens waterproofs,jacket and trouser sets or all in one suits for a nursery school
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9544
    Looking for 5000 A6 flyers for 60 quid including postage. I have been quoted 60 already so try and beat that
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9545
    Looking for our company name to be embroidered on polo shirts. Please provide two quotes including postage and packing when you supply the garments and when you don't. Twelve letters in company name.
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9546
    Scratch cards
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9547
    variation of socks,leisure, sport, casual.

    also bags, handbags, holdals, travel

    prices and particulars, for market trader
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9548
    Looking for quality pens for my companys approaching 3yr anniversary. Please could you send quote and sample to following;

    S&S Services
    93, Bretby Lane
    DE15 0QP

    Thankyou in anticipation
    James Shilton
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9549
    100 3 colour puzzle balls with our logo printed on for biotechnology exhibition giveaway
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9550
    Gum shields for Rugby - They need to be branded with a clients logo - quantities 250, 500
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9551
    looking to have 150 carrier bags (possibly more) printed with a multi coloured logo
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9552
    I would like a white cool bag printed on 2 sides with company logo in 2 colours.
    Size to be 39cmx22cmx20cm
    Supply, printing and delivery for 100 units
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9553
    I am writting from a charity from The Children's Foundation i am looking for a quote for some running vests for the Great North Run 06? I am looking for about 170 tops.
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9554
    1000, 5000, 10000 printed cardboard coffee cup holders. Printed full colour
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9555
    I would like some basketball product (promotional) and wrist bands. The quantity will depend on the price of the items. E.G picture frames, teddies - anything with a basketball theme.
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9556
    Am looking for leather effect attache corporate kit boxes wholesale. Number approx 50 with logo
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9557
    silicon wristbands to promote our band.
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9558
    I am interested in Printed Trays for a client of mine. Approx 460 x 350 with a lip and carrying handles.
    Quantities 100/200/300/400/500
    Non Slip, allover printed.
    Artwork supplied.
    Please reply with sugestion and prices
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9559
    BLACK GYM BAGS x100 our company name and logo on them.
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9560
    Please provide a quotation(s) against the following specifications:

    dc print ref no: 4499 please quote on all correspondence
    Quantity: 20,000 30,000
    Pagination: Na
    Size: A4
    Colours: Either 1 spot colour ( common image 2 sides )
    Or 2 spot colour common image 2 sides
    Or 3 spot colour common image 2 sides
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9561
    We are looking for a pen, @£1.10 each for 500 pieces, printed one colour and delivered latest 7th October. This must be of a reasonable weight, and look reasonable quality. If you can recommend something round this price point that would be great.
    12:00AM Sep 19th 2005 Ref:9562
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