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    hello :) im lookin for someone who has lighters, keyrings or alike, and poker card decks for merchandising our company,
    2000 or 5000 per article with our logo or a comic girl branded
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2006 Ref:16347
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2006 Ref:16348
    512MB Silver USB Pen Drive- USB 2 - no logo
    I would like 1 sample first before sending logo and ordering 500 or more.
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2006 Ref:16349
    2 x Tablecloth for 6 x 3ft trestle table,black background
    with logo to hang down front
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2006 Ref:16350
    I am looking for 500 water bottles (to fit standard bottle holder on bicycle) made of metal with 1 or 2 colour print to 1 or 2 positions on the bottle
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2006 Ref:16351
    i am looking for 18" plastice rulers printed 2 colours
    12:00AM Oct 26th 2006 Ref:16352

    I own a small beauty salon in Manchester, England and want to give my customers promotional PINK mini boxing gloves with the salon name on them... is this possible?
    maybe a keyring version as well?

    If so can I have some more information on this?

    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16310
    im looking for carrier bags either paper or plastic to have company name on and web address on. needs to be approx H 12" W 25"
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16311
    Don't know of this is possible. I'm looking for a company that can make cigarette paper(like the RIZLA packs you get in a newsagents) with a custom design on it.Multiple orders will be made by bands who want us to provide them with clever promotional items to give away for free at gigs or festivals.
    i.e. to give to people who use the cigarette papers to make roll up cigarettes.
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16312
    scratch cards, personalised with logo, 3 versions 500 off each
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16313
    adloop keyrings
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16314
    Coasters including our Firms' logo. Quantity between 250 and 500 depending on price
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16315
    Calender Coasters including our logo.
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16316
    500 personalised pens with the printed logo : Customer Quality Assurance Team. I need delivery within 1 week and would like to spend approx £250.
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16317
    I need cardboard folded photo frames, like those you get from ride photos at theme parks.
    the front needs my logo. and the back to say:
    Successfully Promoted to_________________
    on this day___________________
    about 100 to start with.
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16318
    Looking for mini or irregularly shaped pencils (eg hexagonal shaped). Only need 500 or 1000 on this occasion and will need a one colour print. However, need these by 3rd November.
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16319
    Please forward via email or post a product information package. I am a graphic designer currently designing material for a newly opening restaurant. My clients require the restaurant logo printed on their serviettes, ceramics (cups, plates and saucers etc.) and possibly table clothes.
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16320
    Looking for 50 Thermal Flasks with mug included, i would like our company logo printed on the flask (1 colour only)
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16321
    Required quote for
    Bicycle Repair Kits with logo printed. Single colour print
    Quantity 250, 500 and 1000.
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16322
    We require 5000 dusters to be printed including a logo and several lines of prose. Can anyone help.
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16323
    I am trying to source gold poloshirts for a company event next month. The gold must be as follows:
    Xansa gold is always Pantone 130 Can you provide poloshirts in this colour?
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16324
    I need a small quantity (max 25) of disposable shower caps and disposable craft aprons for this weekend
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16325
    2007 pocket diary with company logo, approx 50 required
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16326
    Looking for A4 landscape printed red and black calendars, the generic versions that are printed on about a 100gsm paper, stapled and perforated at the head and just contain 12 leaves. I will print and supply the backboard and stick these calendar onto the front
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16327
    I need to buy 150 - 500 nail files and get my company logo printed on them
    12:00AM Oct 25th 2006 Ref:16328
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