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    Latest Requests

    I am trying o source a compay to personalise playing cards (back of card and box) to be used as wedding favours. Approx 100
    12:00AM Oct 24th 2006 Ref:16309
    I am looking for water bottle labels. I just want the labels, not the actually water bottles. I do have a logo that I would like printed on the labels.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16269
    We are looking to produce some advent calendars (around 1500) - need to print them with our own design - can you help!!??
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16270
    I am looking for a number of personal alarms to brand with our company logo on, can you give me prices for quantity of 100 or 250.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16271
    I'm looking for an aroma dispensing machine to be used in-store. Qty is TBC but I would like a quote for 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500 and we would require them at various UK addresses by 1st November.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16272
    Paper Napkins which we can have our logo on
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16273
    I am looking for a UV light torch on a keyring or as a pen with logo in 2 colours. Please quote for 500, 1000 and 8000
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16274
    We wish to have 100 lanyards and 50 water bottles produced with our logo printed onto them. the logo is three colours - black, blue and green. Can buy more if the price is right. Will be looking to buy more in the future and possible t-shirts in the future.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16275
    Hello there,
    I am interested in what sort of things bars and restaurants are going to use to promote themselves after the smoking ban instead of match books. I've heard about a bar in New York that still has match books but rather than have actual matches in them it is in fact a small notebook.
    I'm researching a piece for In STyle magazine and would love to have any feedback from suppliers who have relevant products!
    My deadline is today, Monday 23rd october. Obvioulsy as I'm doing this for an article I don't want to place an order, but if I do receive an appropriate product from someone it will feature in the magazine which is obviously good publicity for them.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16276
    I am looking for 100 plus cardboard Landscape Screw mechanism Albums.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16277
    I need to source yellow fleeces and yellow heavy weight polo shirts, embroidered with 2 col logo
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16278
    Rubix cube : full colour 6 different symbols on each side. (Artwork supplied) Delivery by 20th November 2006 Latest. Qty min 50 - max 100.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16279
    Promotional sweet dispenser to raise awareness of asthma, shaped like an enhaler.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16280
    I am searching for suppliers to supply me with items for univerisities. This includes pens, pencils, calculators, mugs, etc.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16281
    Looking for quotes on two items. Please quote for 1000, 2000 and 5000. Artwork will be supplied.

    1. A small flipbook. The kind of thing which you flick through and it animates a scene for you. You probably turned your schoolbooks into versions of this by drawing small pictures in the corners of each page. You flick it and a stickman shoots another stickman with a bow and arrow. Or ruder versions. That's the kind of thing, but a full page 3x3 (or near) version.

    2. Pop out card 'Paper dolls'. Where you've got a pop out, stand up card 'doll', and a selection of clothes and accessories that you can attach to the figure. I'd be interested in novel takes on this concept too - anything along similar lines could also be considered.

    Both items need to be a size that can be included as a cover mount on a magazine.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16282
    300 easy to use pedometers
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16283
    100 QUANTITY
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16284
    I am looking for small teddy bears which can be branded with company logo. I need 1,000 to 5,000 within 2 weeks
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16285
    We need some megaphones or earmuffs to promote a campaign for a radiostation station
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16286
    I'm looking for champagne and seasonal nibble for a shopping event that will go into a goodie bag. I need 1,000 bottles of champagne and mince pies or something similar.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16287
    2 large inflatable golden "oscars" statues between 3 and 5 feet tall
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16288
    Embroidered (with our logo) fleece jackets.

    Quotes for 30, 50 and 80 units (varying sizes)
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16289
    plastic sports bottles with the school logo on them 200 in all
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16290
    Hi there, I am looking for around 25 polo shirts for my everyone on my course which would have nicknames on the back and a logo on the front. Could you please quote me for that. Thanks.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16291
    approximately 25 hooded sweatshirts. The hoodies would ideally be yellow with red writing. I would like a logo on the front left breast, a large screen print of a windsurfer and some writting on the back. and if not too much more expensive individual names either at the bottom on the back or on the arm.
    12:00AM Oct 23rd 2006 Ref:16292
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