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    Latest Requests

    Sunglasses clips that hold sunglasses to the sun visor in a car.

    Printed one colour - looking for 500, 1K, 2K or 5K. Thanks
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15244
    am currently looking for a cheap promotional pen for Base London Limited, in red, white or clear plastic. Please send appropriate samples with a quote for 1, 2 and 5 thousand units.
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15245
    Branded Marker pens initally 250 but future orders expected
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15246

    I am after the following:

    1500 x Mini mexican flags 80 gsm art paper, double sided, cut 50 mm x 30 mm and applied to a stick.


    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15247
    Looking for 85 personalised photo frames, to fit 5 by 7 pictures. Needs to be engraved/ printed with around 17 letters
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15248
    We are requiring a company to make up some carrier bags, ballons and pens with our logo on them. We will be needing 2000 of each for 2 weeks time. On the bags we need tshirt artwork - we can send you the Logos by email. Should you be able to complete this order in the above time frame with a purchase order payment then please sent a quote or at least a note of interest to the above email address by 1pm tomorrow afternoon (Friday). We can also be contacted on the bellow means.
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15249
    Diaries with pencils attached
    Looking for 250 to 300 with EDDJ just wording logo printed on front
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15250
    200 Compact Mirror's that we can engrave our logo on.
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15251
    Looking for about 300 mirror compacts in either silver or white with single colour print on lid.
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15252
    hi im looking for 12 polo shirts with logo on front and back, needs to be very cheap as i have a budget, thanks
    12:00AM Aug 31st 2006 Ref:15253
    Good quality paper bags, no handels, flat envelope style. Size approx 10cm x 10cm or rectangular similar overall size.

    Two color logo to be printed.

    I'd like to know minumum orders in terms of quantities and amount and terms & conditions
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15190
    We are looking for plain tee shirts in various colors to be screen printed locally with our logo. I am unsure of the quanity at this time, but am thinking about 100. These are to be sold as a fund raiser so I need them to be as inexpensive as possible.
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15191
    Could you please send me some samples of your higher end pens in red. I am looking for something to accompany my new store opening
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15192
    Two inquiries Firstly 50 x Pen and Laser pointers in box set, laser engraved.
    Secondly 500 x flexible steel rules in red, printed one colour
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15193
    100 plain white coffee mugs
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15194
    Hi I require some "baby on board" style car signs printed on plastic with a window sucker. They need to be printed with our full colour logo and text. Initial quantities will between 100 and 1000 dependant on price breaks
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15195
    Branded phone/computer wipes
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15196
    USB Drives - 128mb.
    Colour logo (2-3 colours)
    Quotes for both quantites of 500 and 1000 would be appreciated.
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15197
    Looking for one colour print on carrier bags - customer wants to use for handing out paperwork in at an event. qty 500/1000 . can anyone help
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15198
    Passport covers with a logo on the front
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15199
    Hi, looking for 150 iPod covers with a full colour print. If you could also find a 2 colour print, that would be great! Thanks.
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15200
    Mobile phone covers with logo (2 colour or full colour)
    Quantity = 1000
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15201
    250 x A4 binder (2D 30mm)with 4 colour logo/image
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15202
    looking for screen wipes in branded packaging for give-aways as promotional gifts
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15203
    Although I have stated the quantities my client requires If there are minimum orders on something please just let me know how may is your minimum order and the price.

    Small 5mm circular button badges (unless there are standard sizes) x 2 types x 100 off each both design 2 colour print

    100mm circular stickers, 2 col, 2 types 100 of each type both 2 colour

    Robber wrist bands black and green with embossed wording x 2 types x 100 - I think your min order is 1000 can we have one design to have 500 and the other to have another 500?

    Good quality tshirts mens and womens x 100 in total with an A4 2 colour print on front and the same tshirt but with a 2 col logo on left breast with a4 2 colour print on back - can u also give me an idea of the price if we were to order 1, 5, 10, 20 etc so we can offer this to a guy who is planning to sell our designs via his website once of tshirts are ordered.
    12:00AM Aug 30th 2006 Ref:15204
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