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    I am searching for 80 children's long-sleeved pvc aprons with a printed logo, and 80 matching adult pvc aprons.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15055
    400 branded promotional Flip chart pads for large client. If successful, more promotional orders to follow.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15056
    Cocktail glasses approx 20-30 with a company logo engraved on them
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15057
    Hi! I am due to give birth in a week, ten days time and have been going mad trying to find if some one could print me some boxes announcing birth of my baby. I know its a boy but i dont know what date i am going to deliver therefore i wanted a generic box in blue for baby boy or if your deliveries are pretty quick then i can probably give the date as well and have the delivery in a day or two.
    I need roughly 70 - 100 boxes
    Please do help me.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15058
    Branded advent calendars - up to 50,000. We will supply all artwork so only production is needed.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15059
    I'd like a quote on the following please:

    11, 000 (5,500 T&F and 5,500 Routledge) white opaque 250 gauge patch handle carrier bags

    Printed with company logo, web address and ISBN all in one colour (blue).
    We currently pay 8.5p per bag. Can you beat this?
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15060
    Hi, We're a London based charity looking to produce A4 sized placemats, printed on both sides, for our children's programme. Here are the specs:

    1) 4-colour both sides.
    2) A surface is needed that children could mark using wax crayons (probably just tick marks), which could then be wiped clean.
    3) Reasonably thin mat (flexible rather than stiff), but thick enough to withstand being wiped clean.
    4) Could you also let us know the approx total weight so we can consider postage costs.
    5) Quantity: 6,500.
    6) Deadline: completed job delivered to one Swindon address for 9 Oct 2006. Please advise on lead time.
    7) Samples would be very helpful.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15061
    Please could you let me have some more information regarding your products and services. We would like to purchase ball point pens, mugs, A3 pads and jotter pads all with our logo
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15062
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15063
    Require 100 number promotional PRINTED superhero capes - orange with blue flame design printed on it.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15064
    We are looking for key rings and coasters with our company logo on. Colours are red and black on a white background.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15065
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15066
    1000 balloons with logo and website printed on (2 colours)
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15067
    Hi I am looking for quotes on personalised items. Our company logo is one colour and wants to be printed on left hand side of chest. On mugs needs to be printed once and provide prices for twice (on both sides of mug). Need around 250 - 350 mugs and between 25 - 35 polo shirts, heavy duty good quality polo shirts, hard wearing. Also some jackets, preferably winter coat style, fleece lining again to be personalised with logo, around 10 - 20 of these. Any more info please email me.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15068
    Ball point Pens - 80 with logo
    Car Sun Shades - 80 with logo
    Car Window Shades - 80 with logo
    Cup holders - 80 with logo
    Environmentally Freindly Products - 80 with logo
    Hangover kits & Packs - 80 with logo
    Ice Scrapers - 80 with Logo
    Lottery Tickets - 80 with logo
    Maggagers - 80 with logo
    Ponchos - 80 with Logo
    Recovery Pack - 80 with logo
    Recycled items - 80 with logo
    Reflective & safety products - 80 with logo
    Seeds & Bulds - 80 packs eith logo
    Sex Toy wholesale - 80 with logo
    Sleeve Laptop cover - 80 with logo
    Thermal mugs - 80 with logo
    Travel pack - 80 with logo
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15069
    WE are trying to source 1-2,000 bespoke candles printed with a photograph do you have any information?
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15070
    I am looking for either cress or sunflower seeds. I'd like them to be in a packet with a picture of Bill and Ben on the front so that I can superimpose members of my firm onto their faces. I need 500 packets for our conference in October
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15071
    hi looking for childrens unbranded briefs and starter bras qty 100 of each
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15072
    looking for 25 crew neck tops with embroidered logos
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15073
    I'm looking for 50 laser engraved silicone wristbands the logo and text will be the same but all the bands need to have have a different number etched on them.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15074
    I would like a 2 colour logo printed onto white paper napkins. I would need 300 of them
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15075
    Blank clear acrylic key rings - 35x24mm - 500 or 1000

    Jumbo Acrylic clear Fridge Magnets - 90 x 60mm
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15076
    Polo shirts with logo (a: 3 colours) stitched on chest (above pocket) and logo (b: 2 colours) stitched across the back and logo (c: 2 colors - same as b) stitched on arms

    Coffee mugs with logo
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15077
    2-300 Mugs with 2, 4 colour logos
    2-300 caps with embroidered logo (details tbc)
    Delivered to Monaco for 20th October. Ideally would like a "local" French supplier
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15078
    Cocktail napkins for a bar. 1000 with either 1 colour or 2 colour print, depending on cost. White napkins.
    12:00AM Aug 23rd 2006 Ref:15079
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