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    mouse mats, 2 colours, with logo
    12:00AM Sep 28th 2006 Ref:15797
    2.8m x 3.5m white poly cotton table cloth with 1 or 2 logos on each cloth. (2 cloths total
    12:00AM Sep 28th 2006 Ref:15798
    disposable camera's
    12:00AM Sep 28th 2006 Ref:15799
    I'm looking for the below items with a 1 colour logo shipped to Sweden.
    Pen/ pencil boxed set 50bath towels white embroidered 200
    Baseball caps black or navy 200
    telescopic umbrellas navy 100
    Cufflink / tie pin set chrome 100
    laptop bags black/ navy 50
    gas lighters for barbecues 100
    Belts 50 or 100
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15737
    We are looking for bottle bags with our company name and logo on them for delivery to us around end of November. Quantity around 300 - 500 bags.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15738
    We are looking for approximately 100 high quality tags, that read - "as a valued customer I am entitled to 10% discount off my purchases at ......."
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15739
    cardbord moneyboxes to collect money for charity, with picture/logo printed on.
    3000 boxes for a start.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15740
    desk pads x100, Mugs x50, Pen's x50
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15741
    juggling balls (set of 3) and spinning plates
    I am after juggling balls (set of 3) or spinning plates.
    Please quote for (It would only be one of those 2 items we would need so please quote for both separately)
    3500 juggling balls (set of 3) delivery to the address below
    3500 spinning plates (set of 1) delivery to the address below
    delivery on 26.10.2006 at the latest
    Please quote for different models if you have different kinds and include pictures.

    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15742
    I am looking for cheap pens with company name and telephone number on them in black. Quanity of 250, 500 or 1000 depending on price. We are a newly established business
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15743
    Burgundy running vests
    sizes 9-10
    we require 8 of each size
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15744
    Pens, rulers, paper pads, balloons x50 all with logo (2 colours black and green)
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15745
    500 washbags with a website address printed on them
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15746
    I am looking for yellow throw away tabards with the option if needed to have text printed on them, but not essential
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15747
    4500 postal tubes pantone colour 158c with white & orangew stoppers .240mm X 135 or 140 diameter.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15748
    Trade Enquiry 10k oyster style wallets printed 1 and 3 colours.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15749
    12(single side printing) or 6 page calendar (double printing)
    looking to produce 100 - 200 with front page and back cover. we will provide images and company logos
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15750
    how much would it cost to have 100 t-shirts printed with an a3 design on the back in white and a logo on the front saying dmr which will measure 5 inches by 2inches. including the cost of the t-shirts and the screen cost?
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15751
    I am looking for a quite for up to 300 bespoke dice with our logo and services printed on each side
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15752
    We are looking for 500 chargers with printed logo in a mellowmide material
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15753
    30 x KK403 (raspberry) Polo shirts

    Embroidered front left breast with logo. One colour. Logo is around 5cm x 5cm circular.

    Also screen printed on the back a large logo in one colour with text around top and bottom of circular logo.

    I NEED these by Thursday 12th October at the latest and my best quote is £313 including all costs, delivery, origination screen and embroidery programme but excluding VAT.

    Beat this and it's yours...plus we're relaunching our radio station at the end of the year, more work could come your way soon!!!

    I've been let down by TWO companies now.

    I need quotes today please - 27th Sept.

    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15754
    paper carrier bag (small) twisted rope handle. lime and green if possible. Or lime with pink or black writing. first order 500 (new start up). or plastic a possibilty if lime or medium pink.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15755
    1000 safe tins
    ie heinz baked bean tins for example- the bottom comes off to keep valuables in (money)
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15756
    Im looking for 250 yellow or Orange fold over clip boards with a 4 colour print
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15757
    we are looking for cheap promotional items 10 x t-shirt, 10 x caps, 250- 500 x pens, 250 x keyfobs, 250 magnets with logo and website printed on
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15758
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