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    Latest Requests

    Quote please for 2 x Sample airtex Polo shirts required with company logo to test quality.
    Further order of 100 if satisfied.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15759
    Looking for around 100 USB Memory Flash Drives (with around 128MB memory), with 2 colour company logo printed on.
    Sample pictures/base colours available and packaging details would be appreciayed as well as cost info.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15760
    I am looking for promotional fridge magnets with our own logo on. We are estae agents so would like house shaped magnets. Prices for quantities of 1K 2.5K and 5k would be lovely, thank you katie
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15761
    I am looking for plastic wallets to hold appointment card (2 sides) in black
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15762
    We require promotional plastic carrier bags to put our company brochure and sales literature in, all literature is A4 size, we require our own colours and logo, please quote for quantities 1k 2.5k 5k runs, thank you katie
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15763
    looking for someone who will do custom logo watches - to feature a band's logo as a promotional item
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15764
    need around 100 wristbands with logo and company name imprint. Might need further order afterwards.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15765
    Minimum 1000 white bags with my own logo printed on. Logo is 1 colour and I will prvide this. Bag size approx: 25cm wide x 30cm high. Low cost important. Thanks.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15766
    Required: Ribbon with our own logo printed on. We need the main ribbon colour to be light pink and the logo is dark pink and white in colour. The ribbon needs to be 1-2cm wide. We will provide our own logo.

    Please confirm minimum order quantity and prices.

    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15767
    Required: Minimum 1000, Round stickers with our own logo printed on. We need the main sticker colour to be light pink and the logo is dark pink and white in colour. The sticker needs to be 4cm diameter. We will provide our own logo.

    Please confirm prices.

    Thank you.
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15768
    I am looking for pink fluffy pens that can be branded with company logo
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15769
    Plastic carrier bags with logo. sizes 24x18x3 mini size 7x8 . min oder of 500/1000
    12:00AM Sep 27th 2006 Ref:15770
    Customised guitar plectrums
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15716
    50 brass coloured metal bottle opener that is shaped like a shoe horn but bent back on itself to form belt clip. logo stamped by bottle opener.Timong plus rough cost please.Contact me if it is the sort of thing you do and I will email design
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15717
    I am looking for approx 17,000 "Card Guards"

    These are
    Diameter: 39mm.
    ¤ Thickness: 2.5mm.

    They are to be made from Brass (or similar) and have a personalised "inlay" or Overprinting.
    ¤ Weight: 26 grams.

    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15718
    We need about 300,000 plastic/polthene bags (possible vest style) , approx 300mm x500mm x 160 mm printed with a black logo on one side, 250 mm x 200mm, delivered pre Christmas
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15719
    400 generic football shirts (no affliation to any team). Printing logo on front and player name on the back.
    Cases of wine - 10, 20 and 50 cases. Please quote with and without logo branding.
    Boxes of chocolates - 10, 20 and 50. Please quote with and without logo branding.
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15720
    500 x plastic jars holding 1kg of individually wrapped chocolates.
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15721
    1000 256mb USB memory sticks, with 2-colour company logo.
    Memory stick ideally silver in colour; if not, logo must be 3-colour
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15722
    plain white round neck t shirts for printing on
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15723
    200 camel or donkey shaped stress balls, 200 umbrellas with company logo and 200 flip flops
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15724
    Looking to produce a promo (approx 2000 quantity) on the same/similar material as used for 'Fortune telling fish' - needs to react the same when put in your hand - will be a similar size to the fish.
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15725
    Short-sleeved Polo shirts.
    Black colour.
    4 colour logo to front breast or accross whole chest.
    White text to back.Q.250 .Artwork ready, need to be produced and delivered to 21 x UK addresses before Friday 13th October.
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15726
    Looking for personailsed greeting cards of 4 different designs.

    This is a trade enquiry
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15727
    Please quote for the following golf promotional items
    Golf Clubs in multiples of 5
    Golf Jackets in multiples of 20
    Golf balls sleeve sets in multiples of 50
    12:00AM Sep 26th 2006 Ref:15728
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