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    drink bottles with logo printed in 2 colours
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15706
    I am looking for small a small print run on recycled paper bags , about 250 of them approx 320x420mm. Logo in 1 colour. Also about 50-100 Cotton or Jute long or short handled shopping bags, again with Logo.
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15707
    laminated paper / board bags. for handing out food products in at events. need rope handles long enough to carry on shoulder. will need to be plain white bag printed with black and gold logo printed on two sides plus website and company tel no. in black. please quote based on quantities of 250 and 500.
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15708
    I am after 2000 traditonal radio car stickers, possibly more. The stickers should be made to our own company logo and will be of a tradional size. The stickers should be vinyll and be mounted on the inside window of the vehicle.
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15709
    I am looking for a quote for 100 and 250 pairs of scissors with our company logo printed on them. Preferably dark blue in colour. Thanks.
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15710
    I am looking for approx 10 t-shirts for a 40th birthday. which would have text and a photo put on to them. however i do need them by friday.
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15711
    1000 carrier bags with logo
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15712
    I am looking for branded mugs for my cafe with a two coloured logo. Quantity of up to 100
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15713
    200 mouse mats, for give aways. Printed full colour. Delivery to Gloucester end of play Monday 2nd October.
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15714
    100 printed plectrums
    12:00AM Sep 25th 2006 Ref:15715
    I am looking for 50 children's aprons any colour. Please quote for text alone and text with logo
    12:00AM Sep 24th 2006 Ref:15685
    I am looking for quotes for 250 calico bags branded with our school logo - blue on white. Medium sized bags.
    12:00AM Sep 24th 2006 Ref:15686
    I am searching for soft bristle hair brushes, approximately 2-300 to start with, with our company logo printed on the back. I need them urgently. I prefer replies trough e-mail, but if not possible; phone is alright as well.
    12:00AM Sep 24th 2006 Ref:15687
    We are searching for hair care products specially suided for the maintenance of hair extensions, i.e; it cannot contain any fruit acids, needs to be moisturising, and it is also a plus if the products contain aloe vera.
    We need shampoo, conditioner, deep treatments and shine-spray or serum. We would prefer to have our company name printed on the bottles, but that is not essential.
    Would appreciate some quick answers!
    Kind regards,
    12:00AM Sep 24th 2006 Ref:15688
    Im looking for a quote for maybe 50 or more (not sure of quantity) fabric belts with a design printed onto a section of them.
    12:00AM Sep 23rd 2006 Ref:15678
    I am looking for, say, 50 blank cotton or canvas tote bags with long handles, must be decent heavy quality.
    12:00AM Sep 23rd 2006 Ref:15679
    I am looking for a quote to print 20 Tea towels with either a photograph or children's art work and a some text please. Thanks
    12:00AM Sep 23rd 2006 Ref:15680
    i am looking for 6 YELLOW waterproof jackets with our text logo situated on the back and front left breast area.. preferably insolated jackets - also 20 yellow t shirts with same logo layout ..more orders may follow
    12:00AM Sep 23rd 2006 Ref:15681
    We are looking for 300 pairs of flip flops (preferably made by a well known company such as Reef, O'neill, etc. which we can brand with our race logo. This is to be used as a giveaway after a duathlon.
    12:00AM Sep 23rd 2006 Ref:15682
    11 football medals
    3 trophys
    with football team name engraved on them
    12:00AM Sep 23rd 2006 Ref:15683
    Looking for someone able to do a SMALL run of pens (just 100) in green and/or orange and/or white plastic, with company name and web address (no logo)
    12:00AM Sep 23rd 2006 Ref:15684
    I need a quote on 1k/5k/20k Jam Swiss Rolls. There is no personalisation at present, just the cakes themselves.
    12:00AM Sep 22nd 2006 Ref:15660
    Personalised rugby shirts - children's, men's and women's sizes, all matching. Total number 20
    12:00AM Sep 22nd 2006 Ref:15661
    Pens for direct mail packs. Interested in standard pens or flat pens depending on price. 100K to start. No logo.
    12:00AM Sep 22nd 2006 Ref:15662
    70-100 Powder puffs/compact mirrors.
    12:00AM Sep 22nd 2006 Ref:15663
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