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    I require trade prices for 5,000 and 10,000 beer mats, 89mm x 89mm, printed full colour on both sides from artwork supplied and delivery to Stoke-on-Trent.
    4:27PM Dec 12th 2007 Ref:22755
    cotton shopping bags
    3:30PM Dec 12th 2007 Ref:22754
    We are interested in buying some pens, rulers, pencils etc personalised with the golf club logo to give the junior golfers to promote the golf club.
    11:11AM Dec 12th 2007 Ref:22753
    I need a price for mobile phone charms. These will be bespoke items, quantitiy will be upto 1000
    10:57AM Dec 12th 2007 Ref:22752
    Hi i'm looking for 25000 white promotional t shirts with a 3 colour logo printed...also wondering whether you can do blazers and waistcoats?
    10:28AM Dec 12th 2007 Ref:22751
    White pencil with black/silver ferrule and white/black rubber overprinted in one colour one position. 250 off.

    Can't find them anywhere!! Help!
    10:03AM Dec 12th 2007 Ref:22750
    key rings 50 for pupils as they pass driving test
    8:28PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22749
    Hi can you help me out with the following:
    1000 Black/white promotional T shirts with company logo
    2000 promotional key chains. Can these be done with a lenticular print?
    2000 promotional bags made form cotton or canvas
    7:41PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22748
    Short sleeve shirts in black or grey with a logo printed on the left breast.The logo is two colours. Quantitys - 5 Large & 5 XL Mens, 2 Small fitted womens and 2 XL fitted womens
    5:27PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22747
    I need a price for 100,000 mobile phone charms. These will be bespoke items, no more than 20mm diameter, printed 4 colours. material is not important (plastic/PVC/metal)roup.com
    5:16PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22746
    Wanted 250 black 250 white party face masks suitable for a black and white ball masquerade party
    5:10PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22745
    I would like 100 branded tri-fold conference folders. But all 3 sides must be A4. The folders are requierd to hold 2 A4 pads, a pocket PC and digital pen. An integrated calculator would be nice but not essential.
    4:18PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22744
    50 purple lanyard with dog clip and safety clip.
    Printed with company logo and name
    2:59PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22743
    The company I work for is interested in introducing loyalty cards for our customers and I would like to enguire about the costs of producing those. I d really appreciate if you let me know what are you prices.

    1:36PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22742
    Lip balm with sun protection in small plastic with O ring band. x 50, x 100, x 200 with and without company logo.

    1:35PM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22741
    I'm looking for branded bluetooth headsets or branded hands free in car phone kits
    11:44AM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22740
    I am looking for around 250 torches with our company logo on
    10:48AM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22739
    I am looking for some rubber rings, which we can have our company name on. Can you help?
    9:40AM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22738
    10 000 QTY
    9:02AM Dec 11th 2007 Ref:22737
    Carrier bags
    5:12PM Dec 10th 2007 Ref:22736
    Fridge magnets with logo, white background red border red letters
    4:46PM Dec 10th 2007 Ref:22735
    250 qty post-it type note blocks (do not have to be branded) measuring 95mmx95mmx95mm to fit existing dispenser.
    12:11PM Dec 10th 2007 Ref:22734
    I am looking to order some foam nerf guns, with company branding. I need about 1500.
    12:08PM Dec 10th 2007 Ref:22733
    Remote controlled sail boats. Plain stock or printed. Qty 50.
    11:50AM Dec 10th 2007 Ref:22732
    1000 lanyards plain and 1000 lanyards printed with attatched clips only 1 colour
    11:22AM Dec 10th 2007 Ref:22731
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