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    Latest Requests

    I am looking to order 2000 black lanyards with pink writing on them and a basic fitting. I need the cheapest possible as it for a charity campaign.
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20870
    Umberellas, pink, with James & Nicki 4th August 2007 on, printed in black, probably 25 no. MUST HAVE BY FRIDAY 3RD AUGUST
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20871
    Require 1 volleyball net with text branded on the net.
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20872
    My query is I am looking for collection cans for charity collection, amount 5,000 units own logo 2 color printing
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20873
    Twisted Handle Bags in brown size A4 1 colour on 1 side. We will provide logo. 1,000 bags needed.
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20874
    I am looking for approx 50 Golf Umbrellas in Black with white and orange logo in one panel and website in another panel in white, I am also looking for approx 100 mugs, same colour scheme
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20875
    Looking for 5000 customized plastic bags, the logo requires just one colour. and would need them in less than two weeks
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20876
    Hi, we are a start-up business and are looking for various promotional items to be delivered to our office in Spain.

    1. Stickers (signages) for windows/walls, 3 colours (including white), square with rounded edges, approx 4"x4". 200 units.
    2. Pamphlets for distribution, small and square, print on both sides, 4 colours (inc. white). 150,000 units.
    3. Pavement Boards (A-Boards), for A2 poster fitting inside, possibly with custom header for each (if feasible by cost). 50 units.
    4. A2 Posters, full colour, print one side only. 100 units, each custom designed.
    5. Table tent cards, small & square, 4 colours (inc.white). 1,000 units.
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20877
    I am looking to source black tablecloths.

    We require them to be a hard wearing but expensive/high quality looking material that can be cleaned easily (i.e. not dry cleaners). Open to suggestions regarding material but need something that doesn't crease also.

    We require two different sizes. The larger (200cm x 300cm) will need our logo on which is two colours (grey pantone 877 and white). We currently need 10 of these.

    The smaller ones 200cm square don't need to have the logo on. We require 100 of these.

    This requirement is urgent, as we need to have received the tablecloths by mid August to get to the US for the beginning of September.

    Samples are required before ordering,

    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20878
    1,000 brown bags with flat handle, size around A4. 1 colour logo (which we will provide) on 1 side
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20879
    Calendar - printed with our pictures and logo possibly desk or wall calendar.
    need an idea of cost
    Quantity probably 150?
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20880
    5"x5" Personalised Desktop calendars (about the size of CD covers or floppy disks) Quantity:4000
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20881
    i am after 100 shot glasses to include two include engraving of two names
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20882
    branded floor mat to go by double door entrance of a bar.
    ideally a beer branded mat
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20883
    Promotional items needed. Must have two colour logo printed on item. Need to be innovative, useful, ethical and approx. 30p per item. Looking for approx 5,000 items. All ideas welcome.
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20884
    Playing card holders clear plastic with pull off lid. quantity of 5-10 thousand
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20885
    50mm diameter dogtag with drilled hole and ring fixing to fit around bottle top embossed or etched to tag. Quantities 10k, 30k and 50k
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20886
    I am looking for an initial supply of 1000 inflatable opaque white LDPE spheres which have a self sealing valve and when fully inflated have a diameter of 100mm.
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20887
    Nail Files
    Imprinted Logo
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20888
    I am looking for an A4 two tone Conference folder (top two thirds Grey / bottom third Black). Normal inside laylout, pocket for Business Cards, Note Book and pen loop. Printed in 4 colour (red, white, black and silver) Qty required is 50
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20889
    5,000-10,000 lollipops ( wrappers branded)

    2,000 , 5,000 10,000 PENS

    50 Clipboards

    50 bunting ( 6m long each?)

    5,000 – 10,000 Small circular stickers ( the kind used for fundraising)

    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20890
    personalised snow globes - c.100 - 200
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20891
    iron on sew on patches with company name logo for placing on employees clothing quantity 25

    white letters on black background
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20892
    how much would it cost to get 25 balloons personalised with helium but with no ribbon and weights as i already have them
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20893
    I require White plastic patch carrier bags in the following amounts and sizes, 250 28"x24", 100 10"x12", 500 24"x18" all with the words 'RAINBOW' printed. This would be each letter in 6 alternative colours, (like a rainbow). Thank you.
    12:00AM Jul 26th 2007 Ref:20894
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