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    A design which i already have printed onto t-shirts which will be consistently done
    12:00AM Jul 19th 2007 Ref:20770
    I'm looking for strong plastic drawstring bags of varying sizes please!
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20720
    I am looking for debossed silicone wristbands for PR for an upcoming UK band.I want either their website written or the band logo.Probably white on black.Quotes for different quantities from 500 upwards wanted
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20721
    balloons-20-25 inches-20000 nos with 2 colored logo
    plastic wall clock-30 cm dia-2000 nos with 2 colored logo
    caps for children-5000 nos with 2 colored logo
    caps for adults-5000 nos with 2 colored logo
    football-2000 nos with 2 colored logo
    umbrella-2000 nos with 2 colored logo
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20722
    5000 embroided labels with company logo. Each label being 30mm x 6mm (Visible area) landscape folded over so total size around 30mm x 24mm?
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20723
    Requesting a quote on 500 metal dogtags.
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20724
    hi i'm looking for promotional products to give children in a gift bag to promote the company, i would have our logo printed and it would be two colours, maybe somethings like a colouring book and crayons also a toy of some sort. thanks
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20725
    Trade Enquiry. 10k- 60k stainless steel pint tankards, laser engraved, Printed packaging.Required Jan 2008
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20726
    Strong golf umbrella, 8 panels with one colour logo on 4 panels.
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20727
    Portable ashtrays how much is your minimum order and how much would it be to have them customised with a logo?
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20728
    Looking for company willing to donate novelty gifts / cosmeetics / confectionary / any other items to put in goodie bags for wrap party of major TV show.

    Last year's wrap party was featured in major magazines and newspapers.
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20729
    Silicone Wristbands (x10)
    Royal Blue and Yellow twin coloured wristband ?,
    if not then royal blue,Quantity 10,inscriptions :
    on side 2 : AYR NORTHFIELD 2007
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20730
    150 polo shirts embroidered in 3 colours approx. size 9cm x 5cm
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20731
    50 drawstring bags, blue with one 2 colour logo on the front
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20732
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20733
    Looking for a company to produce a range of branded merchandise for an F1 team based in Oxfordshire. We are looking for items such as umbrellas, lanyards, wallets, rucksacks, ear-plugs, sticker-packs etc. Primary colours are red, white and black. In the initial instance please reply by email ONLY - telephone calls, at this stage, will not be returned.
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20734
    I need to find a supplier of metal dice, as I need 500 of 3 different colours (Silver, Gold and Bronze) for a direct mail campaign we are looking to repeat later this year.
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20735
    I am looking for a somewhere that prints onto plates. quantity 5, printed full colour
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20736
    Could you give me a quote for 1000 black t-shirts, with a 2 colour print of our logo on the left side of chest.

    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20737
    Do you produce personalised balloons and/or mugs at a reduced rate(or even free!) for registered charities. The Grandparents' Association is a small national charity and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year in september and we are hoping to hand out some gifts with our logo to the grandparents and children at our grandparent and toddler groups around the country. We would need about 50-100 balloons and mugs with our logo in one colour
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20738
    I am looking for companies will to offer promotional freebies for a major athletics event in Yorkshire. The target audience is 13-17yrs old
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20739
    Requesting quotes on 2000 double dog tags complete with chains to including company logo and text.
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20740
    we are looking for 2,500 promotional giveaways - new fresh ideas welcome. Also require 2,500 branded golf balls, pens and other standard promotional items.
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20741
    I'm looking for a London area source for Tote bags, strong enough to hold a heavy catalog as well as other print material. Approximately £1.00-£1.50 each. Quantity of 1000.
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20742
    Hi there looking for a quote for 3000 x 20mm lanyards (2 sided one colour print) 3000 x printed flip-flops and another 3000 other novelty giveaways suitable for Students!
    Also need 1500 long handed tote bags and 1500 drawstring bags. Thanks
    12:00AM Jul 18th 2007 Ref:20743
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