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    I am looking for various colours of Folding up (packaway) fold up flexible FRISBEE'S that are stored in their own pouches.

    Sorry to trouble you, I am a HYPNOTIST & Entertainer and have a routine I wish to add to my show (and eventually market around the world to my fellow magicians) which would require me to have four or five of these items ALL IN DIFFERENT COLOUR'S for it to work.

    Could you in the first instance either send me FIVE FREE samples (each in diffrent colours of ideally Red - Blue - Yellow - Green - Orange

    Or perhaps you could possibly sell me one of each of the colours Red - Yellow - Blue - Green & Orange of the fold up frisbees in their pouches.

    I'd be happy to pay for the samples via paypal or postal cheque etc.

    I'd happily pay for these "samples" and then when I've tested the routine and know it works I would then be looking to buy lots of them as "give aways" for people at my shows and also for sale to my fellow performers.

    Therefore please also supply me a quote for buying 100 of each of the colours mentioned, 200 of each colour and up to 1,000 of each colour.

    my email is alex@magicalguru.com many thanks in advance

    My postal address is:

    Alex Smith
    Apartment Four
    Town Mill Brow
    College Bank Flats
    St. Marys Gate
    OL12 6UE
    10:50PM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26452
    I would like to make about 100 t-shirts with our logo. I would like about 25 green t-shirts and 75 white ones. I would just like to know roughly how much this would cost.
    5:17PM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26451
    I would like to make about 200 wristbands with our slogan:
    'Do your bit
    Save your Earth'
    I would just like to know roughly how much this would cost. All of them would be green.
    5:15PM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26450
    I am looking for 200 Christmas pencils/pencil toppers/pens/hats for children with our company name printed on them. They must have a Christmas theme and be safe for young children. Single colour print. No logo. I will need these by 24th November latest.
    4:51PM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26449
    Hi, I own an Electrolysis studio and I need approx 1,000 emery boards with a 3 line imprint.
    4:22PM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26448
    Hi, I am looking for about 500 desk calendars - the cheapest ones printed two colour. And about 2000 paper cups also printed two colour.
    3:35PM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26447
    please quote for 50 personalised packs of playing cards. Perhaps a free sample !!
    12:36PM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26446
    Pad printers
    I need to send a logo to you and then for a pad and ink to be sent back to us.
    Can anyone help me urgently please?!
    12:10PM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26445
    2000 a5 wallplanner

    10:27AM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26444
    blank key rings, fridge magnets, bottle openers and other simelar items that we can make up ourselves in batches of 1000
    10:16AM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26443
    500 desk calendars that are triangle in shape and stand on a desk.
    10:13AM Oct 29th 2008 Ref:26442
    100 Desktop Calenders to promote our Charities for Romania and Uganda
    9:47PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26441
    Im looking for 2000 9" white paper printed plates with one colour logo on it. I'm prepared to pay 8 pence per plate. Please do not contact me if you cannot do this. Happy for a two week lead time.
    8:21PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26440
    I am looking for a Traqde Supplier of table tennis balls.
    10k printed one colour
    5:38PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26439
    custom branded lip balm with our logo, various flavours, quantity 150. or individually wrapped freshening wipes with our logo, quantity 150.
    4:43PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26438
    Could you send me a quote for your cheapest disposable poncho’s?

    Quantity of 5,000

    1 colour print. We would like them as close to pantone 669c as possible.
    4:16PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26437
    3:25PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26436
    1.pens x100 with 2 colour logo
    2.star stress toys x100 with 2 colour logo
    3.white mugs x100 2 colour logo
    4.box of 2 chocs x100
    3:09PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26435
    500 blank key rings 66 x 44 mm
    1:12PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26434
    I am working on a project with CocaCola and am looking for quotes on the following products:
    bottle opener key rings
    key fobs
    curly straws
    fridge magnets
    small pots of bubbles
    Obviusly the colours must be red and white and need quotes for 100,00 and 500,00 and any samples would be appreciated.

    12:45PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26433
    Hi I want 200 mugs with our logo 2 blue/white, can you let me have a price thanks
    12:44PM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26432
    Branded leg warmers - one logo (should be around three colours - would want approximately 500 pairs to 1000
    11:41AM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26431

    I need a small one off order of approx 12 white ceramic mugs with a 3 colour logo printed on. Please let me know if you can help.
    11:36AM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26430
    I am looking for padded coloured envelopes, sometimes called Bubble bags. I need at 400 asap. But before i order i need a sample sent through. Please send me a quote asap.
    11:07AM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26429
    hi there can i get a quote asap for some umbrellas
    im looking smaller sized ones quoted
    qtys 5000,10000,20000,30000
    i colour / full colour print
    metral frame plastic handle polyester fabric
    also could i get a quoet using all infor for the bigger umbrella size, golf size
    10:25AM Oct 28th 2008 Ref:26428
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