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    Im looking for quotes for 100, 500, 1,000 and 5,000 1 GB and 2 GB memory sticks. I would like quotes for the above both with and without company logo on memory stick
    9:11AM Oct 15th 2008 Ref:26265
    11:17PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26264
    1000 usb´s
    9:32PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26263
    I am looking for unbranded milk chocolate bars regular orders
    4:53PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26262
    We need:
    1,000 brown paper bags with handles in gift size roughly A5 size with single colour green logo on one side.

    based on the same specification we need 500 roughly A4 and 500 A3 bags as well with handles
    4:02PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26261
    Car window Stickers - price for 100/250/500/1000
    Would like logo added
    3:52PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26260
    Hi we are searching for printed t shirts and cotton bags with our logo Easy Bean - our logo is a bean and we would need aprox 4 colours and quantity please quote for 100 and1000
    1:23PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26259
    I am searching for one one sunderland coffee cup no.7817
    12:29PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26258
    20,000 Black Swizzle Sticks
    with 2cm x 2cm square head
    11cm in length
    Printed in 2 colour hot stamp printing in gold and either white or silver
    12:25PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26257
    Style - Canvas Shopper Bag with small handle
    Size - 30.5cm Width, 25.5 Height, 8.5cm depth
    Printing - Black and white print all over. 200 required
    12:01PM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26256
    Clear sports bottle with our logo on in black. possible black lid, -200 bottles.
    Same but with a different logo on - 100 bottles.
    11:18AM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26255
    Blue Vinyl wristbands - 100
    Lanyards, red with white writing - can supply fonts/artwork if required, please quote for 20 and 50.
    Clear plastic wallets, 20 & 50.
    Printed sweatbands
    10:22AM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26254
    key rings 3 colours
    1:46AM Oct 14th 2008 Ref:26253
    Approximately 20 Jerzees Z Class™ Adult Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt in various sizes, embroided. Delivered by end of November/start of December. Artwork will be supplied.
    11:14PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26252
    Ipod cover, branded with our company logo. 60 items.
    9:14PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26251
    A5 pvc imatation leather menu covers in burgundy,
    with gold embossed print.
    1000 - 2000 covers needed on a regular basis of approx every 8 weeks!
    5:35PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26250
    cornish flag cocktail stick for putting on steaks and burgers, 2 colours.approx 5000
    4:49PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26249
    water bottles
    3:56PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26248

    I'm looking for the following:
    1) Flask with company name engraved on it (5 letters)
    2) Set of hat and scarf and gloves in purple with no particular branding on it - just the company's purple shade (which I will provide).

    I would need 25 of each i.e. 25 flasks and 25 sets of scarf gloves.
    2:56PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26247
    logo printed on 10 OZ polysterene coffee cups
    2:52PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26246
    I need 26,000 branded crackers to be delivered for 19 Nov. Can you please provide costs and leadtime - when you require artwork.


    1:35PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26245
    USB Memory sticks
    Quantity - 450 sticks
    Size - 64MB
    Branded on both sides
    What time scale can you turn it around from receipt of CD with material on?
    1:34PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26244
    hi, im looking for a quotation for a postcard size card folded in 2. will provide pictures and wording, require 2 colours.
    12:51PM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26243
    coloured wristbands
    11:09AM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26242
    Lanyards, black either 100 or 200. White box with 2 colour logo printed in box - repeated around lanyard, security snap fixing.
    8:04AM Oct 13th 2008 Ref:26241
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