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    Latest Requests

    500 small white plastic bags with black logo and black text.
    100 small sports bottles with logo in black
    500 cheapest pens with text only
    Quality not important - cheapest cost please
    9:49PM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23372
    Recycled sticky notes
    1000 or 2000 4 colour
    6:44PM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23371
    Min. qties at the moment for:-
    Black lanyards printed with logo and text in white
    Ocean Blue/Grey/Silver lanyards printed with logo and text in black
    T-Shirts/Sweatshirts/Polo shirts printed in 1 and/or 2 colours
    Polo shirts embroidered in 2 cols.
    Car window stickers printed in 2 colours x 2 types
    Key Ring parts; we're manufacturing our own engraved metal tags/fobs which we want to attach key ring chains to
    Enamel lapel badges
    Button Badges, 2cols on white
    All branded merchandise is for a new community radio station due on air in December. We want to sell all these items through an online shop on our web site.
    5:51PM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23370
    2000x mobile phone wipes with 3 colour logo and phone number that you can attach to the phone - usually plastic one side and spongy - with soft material on the reverse,
    4:18PM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23369
    Can I have an urgent query price for car air freshener with full colour logo min units and the next price break
    4:16PM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23368
    600 emery boards printed on one side with telephone number in one colour only
    4:05PM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23367
    600 children's reflectors
    one colour only no printing or logos.
    4:03PM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23365
    1000 rubberducks for a rubber duck derby
    4:00PM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23364
    I am trying to source merchandise based around airports or airliners which we can apply our logo to and hand out as promotional gifts for our training course delegates. I think initially quantities of 250 would be my target.

    10:56AM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23363
    I am looking for x12 of the old cinema style sweet trays that ushers used to carry round and sell ice creams from.
    10:06AM Feb 21st 2008 Ref:23362
    hi i would like prices for 250 beach balls printed with a single colour logo, beach balls need to ideally be two colour green and white
    10:40PM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23361
    150 x navy baseball caps with embroidered logo in white
    4:34PM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23360
    2000 6 inch glow sticks with a 2 colour logo and phone number and brief message printed on the side.
    4:11PM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23359
    clear plastic keyrings to advertise minicab company. the insert needs to be navy with white writing printed both sides. need quote for 1k 2k and 3k please
    4:09PM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23358
    3:44PM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23357
    I would like a quote for
    75 MED
    200 XL
    225 XXL
    BLACK GILDAN HEAVY T.SHIRTS, with a printed image on each (photographic image so will need to be transfer).
    2:27PM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23356
    I am writing regarding the possibility of gaining a quote on a number of items and wondered if that would be possible:
    • 1000 x branded mugs with 2 different logos. Looking at a 2 colour spot on a white background.
    • 1000 x branded display clocks. Again a 2 colour spot on a white background would be fine.
    Due to our £1000 budget we are looking at each quote to come under the £1 each.
    2:23PM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23355
    A pop-up house, full 4 colour print, around 200 prints
    11:08AM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23354
    Looking for ladies designer jeans and decorator T's in all sizes. Also interested in buckles, boots.
    12:00AM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23349
    I'm opening a bangle bar at my shop - want bracelets, charms, beads, other jewelry.
    12:00AM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23350
    Bed and breakfast giftshop in need of robes and slippers for immediate delivery.
    12:00AM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23351
    Dance troop looking for quality warm-ups or sweatsuits. Troop colors are green and beige. Must be screen printable, sizes S-L.
    12:00AM Feb 20th 2008 Ref:23352
    We want our logo (colour) printed on shot glasses (any quality - cheap plastic or glass is fine)
    10:36PM Feb 19th 2008 Ref:23348
    I am looking for a company who can supply printed cork boards
    6:04PM Feb 19th 2008 Ref:23346
    looking for car window football kit hangers, personalised kits,
    4:51PM Feb 19th 2008 Ref:23345
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