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    scratch cards with company logo, approx 10k. Scratch card should have a unique number for customers to register an item on line.
    4:14PM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23236
    I need to find the following for around £5 ea. (including logo printed)(quantities of 50): desktop clocks (smart), compass, computer mouse. Going to exhibition abroad so not too heavy, small items please. Also need to find some promo goodies for around £1 ea. (including logo).
    3:38PM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23235
    500 water bottles with a sports top printed with our school name

    if possible could the water bottles be blue.
    3:19PM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23234
    Looking for promotional gifts that are professional and appropriate to our business, a recruitment agency. Not looking for pens/mouse mats etc. Any ideas would be appreciated! Please contact me via email.
    3:02PM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23233
    Details Please can you quote me for producing us 10,000 double sided printed cardboard colour beer mats???
    2:51PM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23232
    I am looking for a supplier of charity buttonhole-sized daffodils to bear our charity logo.
    2:43PM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23231
    we are looking for both umbrellas and binoculars for a horse racing event. Quantities of 20 for both items which will also both be customised
    2:37PM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23230

    I need 200 pairs of magenta adult socks with 'Fit City Eccles' Sport Relief Mile' embroidered in white. the socks must be magenta though.
    2:02PM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23229
    Frosted pad and pen set. x 1000 printed single colour
    11:37AM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23228
    Maternity T Shirts
    Plain Colours

    Regular Supplier
    10:14AM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23226
    White Bath robes

    cotton or waffle

    Regular supplier
    10:13AM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23225
    500 water bottles with a sports top printed with our school name if possible could the water bottles be blue.
    9:49AM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23224
    have a scanned picture I would like to have onto carrier bags, material, and wondered if that is the sort of thing you do and if so the cost for 100 initially with the prospect of further orders if it were to prove successful. We are a charity and receive no public money so need to raise it in any way we can. Jersey does not have VAT.
    8:57AM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23223
    1,000 promotional bags, to take A4 documents, print solid black with white out logo, either poly or paper. Many thanks.
    8:55AM Feb 11th 2008 Ref:23222
    I am looking for a quote for initially 100 1GB twist USB sticks with MACS printed on in black.
    6:29PM Feb 10th 2008 Ref:23221
    Good afternoon, Can you please quote for the following items: 300 - 500 Coffee Mugs in a light colour to include full colour logo, telephone number, fax number and website address. Also 300 - 500 CD Wallets with the company name on printed on the front, and finally, 500 - 1000 pens with logo and telephone number.
    Kind regards, Steve
    5:15PM Feb 8th 2008 Ref:23220
    Coasters, hard top hard base with laminated top featuring company logo.
    90mm Square (with rounded corners)
    Please quote for 100 and 250 -and include a run on cost per 100 items.

    10:46AM Feb 8th 2008 Ref:23219
    Price please for a 3 colour, fold away car sun shade. Minimum number = 1000

    9:25AM Feb 8th 2008 Ref:23218
    Price please for a 3 colour, fold away car sun shade. Minimum number = 1000

    9:24AM Feb 8th 2008 Ref:23216
    Pens - Quite high quality, approx 10 in number. With company logo - 1 colour.
    Cufflinks - with company logo (multiple colours) approx 5 in number.
    Playing cards - with company logo, approx 20 in number.
    Keyrings - approx 20 - 30 in number, with logo (multiple colours).
    Magnets - 20 -30 in number (multiple colours)
    Umbrellas - 5 - 10 in number. With logo - 1 colour.
    1:26AM Feb 8th 2008 Ref:23215
    I run a small music group for babies and toddlers - and ma looking for instruments with our logo on such as tambourines, whistles, drums etc - not huge quantities
    9:59PM Feb 7th 2008 Ref:23214
    need 500 pens, we have a green and black logo and 500 keyrings
    7:33PM Feb 7th 2008 Ref:23213
    We are looking for value (cheap but still good quality) promotional items: 2000-3000 of stickers, badges, pens, key rings and lanyards as well as 2000 t-shirts. Logo: red and navy blue on white background. Could please give us several options, starting from the cheapest and email us relevant pictures and descriptions for each option?
    3:47PM Feb 7th 2008 Ref:23212
    300 brown paper carrier bags overprinted with our logo on both sides, 100 business cards and 100 sheets od paper with letter heads
    2:42PM Feb 7th 2008 Ref:23211
    I need quotes for 1300 mugs & t-shirts
    the t-shirts are for 7-8 year olds, various colours, a design in white on one side ; the mugs are for 7-8 year olds so could be doing with being smaller than full size ones / various colours, a design on one side
    2:38PM Feb 7th 2008 Ref:23210
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