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    200 Sensi or Hawaiian style a href='http://www.promotional-merchandise.org.uk/dir/cat_co_2066.htm'>folding fans in Chartreuse with custom Chocolate brown wording on the front
    11:31PM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24037
    I am looking for a price
    on 200-500 water bottles with company logo on it with 1 color- blue
    10:34PM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24036
    price for 100 & 500 blues brother wayfarer style sunglasses. Logo maybe required.
    5:14PM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24034
    I am looking for A6 paper pads, in a pale green colour. Will need to be branded in a 3 colour logo also. Can you quote for 250 and 500 pls
    5:01PM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24033
    Need 100 pens with club name, printed at low price, asap.
    4:35PM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24032
    Salt grinder
    clear glass.
    3:34PM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24031
    I am looking for: metal, business card holders, 1 or 2 colour print, x100. Also, usb twister style, x100, 1 or 2 colour print. Thanks.
    12:27PM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24030
    cloth tape measures for measuring for uniforms standard 60" length, with logo (2 colours) approx 250
    11:53AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24029
    branded umbrellas - golf and small ones to sell to our students. Are you able to send me samples - I would like a good quality but we are a charity so still looking for value for money.
    11:42AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24028
    Details re talking about getting branded table cloths for our fairs stands. Also agetting quality hooded tops/t-shirts to sell to our students. Are you able to send me samples - I would like a good quality but we are a charity so still looking for value for money.
    11:39AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24027
    Mountain Rescue Team urgently need new t shirts for the team.

    11:28AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24026
    Fridge magnet business card size, 1000 off and 2000 off ,. Design already done.
    11:02AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24025
    Logo:3 colours
    Products: Bibs, dummies, rattles, baby spoons, rubber ducks (various baby/toddler products...) yoyos, puzzles, bouncing balls, baseball caps..
    10:18AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24024
    Two deck chairs with our company print on the fabric section. Needed soon.
    10:06AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24023
    I want to find out about getting supplies of eco-friendly bags to promote our new sign-ups on Edenbee. The cost, deliveries etc
    9:52AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24022
    3000 white 3 ply napkins with pink and black company logo and 2 lines of pink writing.
    9:35AM Apr 23rd 2008 Ref:24021
    car air fresheners. I have a logo with 2 colours. 2 shades of blue.
    8:15PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24020

    I am looking for various personalised products, such as -

    Post it notes
    Letter Openers
    Memo Clips
    Desk Pads

    Would it be possible for you to send me any samples and your costings for producing 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 and 10,000 of each. The logo i would require on the products would be in 3 colours.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards
    6:59PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24019
    Looking for 40 sets of a custom board game, each with 3 board types and 50 counters in 2 sizes, 3 colours.
    5:13PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24018
    white rubber usb wristband - with logo on to be delivered to Dubai thank you
    4:56PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24017
    Looking for white mugs (about 20) with company logo printed on it (black, white and red. Also, a quote for the mugs with company logo and various other smaller logos printed on the back (colours are: black, orange, yellow, blue, red and white)
    4:10PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24016
    I need to source an array of products to make up a promotional pack
    3:56PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24015
    White Plastic pen clip holders with self adhesive backing. Cheap and cheerful, need 3000 of them in white
    2:52PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24014
    200 x passport wallets. Ideally with a logo embossed on the front. They are needed by 21st May.
    2:45PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24013
    We require approximately 200 yellow mugs with our Company name across in large black letters.
    1:55PM Apr 22nd 2008 Ref:24012
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