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    We are seeking a grant for tracksuit tops 40-50 off in the ages 3 to 16 and adult sizes.. Adult sizes 3 small, 1 Med, 2 Large, 2 XL and 1 XXL. Childrens sizes not yet known but up to approx. 31 jackets.
    We are thinking of full zipped tops, swartshirt material and long sleeves not hooded. - alternative a hooded waterproof, where the hood can be hidden away. Colour probably Navy or black but can vary once both our comittee and the housing trust has decided upon colour.
    As we are being sponsered by a well known housing association in Manchester, they want their logo as well.
    On the front top side, on the back upper half (we have the artwork).

    As we only have till Wednesday, I kindly ask you to submit a quotation to my Mail address, so I can forward to the housing trust no later than Tuesday June 28, 2008 as we have to submit to them the following morning to obtain the sponsorship. Should you have a leaftlet/catalogue with the various outfits, I kindly ask you to send this to me.

    I thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.
    2:39PM Jul 26th 2008 Ref:25276
    200-300 lollipops with a logo in one colour on the wrapper.

    200 bottle opener keyrings with a logo in one colour.
    10:13PM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25275
    Glow bracelets 2K with a message or colour that appears after 1 hour
    Also 1K glow sticks
    4:31PM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25274
    I am looking for 12 personalised sports bottles with a club print to be put on.
    3:58PM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25273
    300 150mm x 30mm stickers in two colours with own design.
    300 quality wristbands which can be sealed and not removed easily, with own custom design.
    3:15PM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25272
    Hi, I am looking for a competitive quote on some personalised post-it notes, approx 75mm x 75mm... just plain white with our company logo at the bottom. Looking for 500 pads of 50 (25000 post-its).
    2:43PM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25271
    5 XL polo shirts, with logo, consisting of two colours.
    1:59PM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25270
    looking for 4000 plain stock pocket mirrors in a clear transparent case. Have an image of the mirror i can email over
    1:29PM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25269
    British Standard CE certified hot water bottles on which to put my own covers. Colour preferably Blue, green, pink or purple (any one). Quantity 100 for initial order, plan to wholesale so possibly more. Capacity 2L. Samples will be required prior to bulk order being placed
    10:37AM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25268
    I need a black shopping bag printed with a white logo that folds down to size of a purse. It would be good if material was eco
    8:12AM Jul 25th 2008 Ref:25267
    looking for 1,000 pens (cheap as possible) white with pink writing "ladies decorating services" phone number & email address on it.
    11:48PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25266
    Mens and womens apparel~
    Lacoste, Tommy Bahama, Nike

    Women's specialty store desiger brands.

    Name brand handbags and accessories
    10:14PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25265
    devon flag bunting for a scout event colours green white black
    10:13PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25264
    100 White Cotton T-shirts with 35 letters in 2 colours

    10:05PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25263
    Looking for a canvas or hemp printable promo duffle/draw string bag -qty 5000 please
    4:54PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25262
    i need 12 - 15 good quality juggling balls in purple and white (no logo necessary if it saves money). looking for as near to £0.00 as possible
    4:14PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25261
    Branded wristbands for a press event. Up to 10,000. Paper Tyvek. 1 colour print.
    3:05PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25260
    Plastic carrier bags, 5000, black, 2 logos either side 1 colour (silver or white). punched handle, 45 microns thick

    I am looking to get 12,000 bags (total) with 3 different designs (5K, 5K, 2K) Discount available?
    2:04PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25259

    12,00cm x 3,00cm//
    2 color//water proof surface// Qty:1000
    Use for promo
    12:35PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25258
    minimum 250 cheap wristbands for hockey tournament event - blue background plain or blue with text and small logo
    12:34PM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25257
    i am after a small car flag.

    2 colour double sided. i would like these to attach to car windows. could we get a quote for a flag around 6 inch tall please.
    11:48AM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25256
    100 folders with imitation leather, folder must be blue and have our logo in gold in the middle. Inside the folder i require 4-6 plastic inserts welded into the seam.
    11:12AM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25255
    100 plastic mugs with handle
    100 pens
    100 t-shirt round neck
    100 rucksack (backpack) zippered

    All with logo - blue and yellow with white text underneath 3 words
    10:39AM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25254
    1. polo ralph lauren t-shirts : possibly 1000 or more weekly basis
    2. levi jeans : possibly 500 pairs monthly basis
    3. ck underwear
    4:09AM Jul 24th 2008 Ref:25253
    500 condoms with one color logo.
    8:26PM Jul 23rd 2008 Ref:25252
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