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    8 000 cork coasters printed on both sides with a logo, full color on top 2 color on the back... Urgent !
    11:02AM Aug 14th 2008 Ref:25533
    I am looking to get 100 1Gb USB Flash drives with out logo on them telescopic model if possible or twister. Required ASAP we are located in Ireland
    10:13AM Aug 14th 2008 Ref:25532
    I am looking for a property in Orange and Ventura Counties to host my elegant bridal show. Need at least 12,000 sq. ft. of usable space,preferably on the same floor.
    3:35AM Aug 14th 2008 Ref:25531
    250 thermos Food Jar stainless steel
    10:19PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25530
    250 water bottles with logo, text stating website and contact number.
    9:28PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25529
    wall plaques with Club our Logo on.
    7:20PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25528
    I am looking for around 30 t shirts, 30 hats and 100 button badges.

    All a plain white/black colour with a logo (30cmx30cm for the shirt)and some text on them.
    4:46PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25527
    Paper Bags 500
    logo has 2 colours
    4:40PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25526
    We are making up a promotional goodie bag. Is it possible to get all or at least some of this done?
    - White bags, no bigger than A4 (the actual goodie bag itself, to go in the bag:
    - USB Stick
    - Pink Candy Floss
    - Energy Type Sweets (company called Koru does them?)
    - Large White Angel Wings (either paper or plastic)
    - Pink Chalk (either in bulk or in lots of mini packs. Were thinking at least 2 per bag so double the amounts requested below)
    - Little plastic zip lock baggies (for the chalk to go in if we don’t have mini packs)
    We need all of the above branded, with a 4 color print logo. The products need to be supplied and printed from your end.
    Can we please have a quote for 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 of each item.
    Also, we will need 30 sexy white button up tunics with the logo embroidered on…..
    A prompt response would be appreciated. Our deadline for everything being sourced, printed and ready for the client is the end of September. We will need quotes as soon as possible to get the production rolling.

    4:39PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25525
    Energy sweets. 4 color print logo.
    Quantity - 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000.
    4:37PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25524
    I am looking for plain white cotton t shirts imprinted with a company logo (1 colour)
    1:01PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25523
    i am looking for cash trays which can be engraved with a company logo.

    Would request quotes for
    400 units
    12:56PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25522
    I will soon have the finished artwork for a banner 80cm by 212cm. I would like this printed onto a banner, in two types: 1. to roll up into its own case, and to be pulled up out of this; and 2. to be printed onto fabric type material to hand up - is this possible please, and quite fast?
    12:53PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25521
    A6 notebooks. 500 pink 500 turquoise with logo printed in white. preferably plastic cover not card but leasd time VERY tight need them delivered to a london address Tuesday 19th August latest.
    12:50PM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25520




    11:50AM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25519

    We are looking for a company to print a full colour design onto ‘Durham’ mugs. We need to know these would be dishwasher proof (possibly 3/4 times a day) and would potentially looking to place an order for approx 200-250.

    I can remaster the original design to suit the requisite print area size and provide the artwork in any format at whatever dpi.

    Is this possible... and what would be the projected cost
    10:21AM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25518
    floating key rings 200 one colour in black writing
    12:07AM Aug 13th 2008 Ref:25517
    I am looking for 500 magnets.
    In addition to the magnets I am looking for 11 red polo shirts with a logo attached in black with the words "Glove_Cities Colonials" in an arc across the top surrounding the logo in black. 1-xxl 5-xl and 5-l
    10:57PM Aug 12th 2008 Ref:25516
    I am looking for silver 1" circle scratch off stickers with numbers printed underneath from 1 to 35, or just the scratch off sticker sso i can write the number under myself.
    8:49PM Aug 12th 2008 Ref:25515
    Personalised plasters with company logo
    8:35PM Aug 12th 2008 Ref:25514
    I am Looking for Wine thermometers with my company logo on it - circ 500. Can you help
    4:47PM Aug 12th 2008 Ref:25513
    A trifold brochure with an attached, tear-off envelope. Flat size 8.5 x 19. 80# Gloss Text. 4 color.
    4:06PM Aug 12th 2008 Ref:25512
    sexy tops for women and juniors. dog shirts(blank). women,juniors,and men blank tees.NO SHOES
    3:46PM Aug 12th 2008 Ref:25511
    500 wayfarer sunglasses - orange (neon if possible) frames. Word "Geek" from "Geek Squad" Logo in white on right & left temple.
    3:30PM Aug 12th 2008 Ref:25510
    250 white paper carrier bags, twisted handles, with 2 colour logo (blue/green)
    3:21PM Aug 12th 2008 Ref:25509
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