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    Latest Requests

    235mm tall honey bear
    9:17AM Nov 10th 2009 Ref:30477
    promotional "coffee" coins that can be exchanged for a cup of coffee. Either metal or ceramic, embossed/printed with the name of the cafe.
    7:33PM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30476
    levis 501 eco jeans and all jeans
    6:23PM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30475
    usb pen drive
    any GB available pls
    5:46PM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30474
    about 200 cd covers for a band
    3:48PM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30473
    I am looking for luggage tags. But I only need the luggage strap not the actual tag. Quantity = 50-100
    3:02PM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30472
    1000 white t-shirts, logos front and back.
    2:10PM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30471
    Gardening tools
    2:01PM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30470
    We require 500 to 1000 Meerkat soft toys. We have no specific size currently. We are looking at all options. Please can you email prices and images to the email stated. Thank you for your assistance.
    10:58AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30469
    200 x USB Flashdrives. 2GB. Silver sleek design, printed both sides 2 colours.
    10:47AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30468
    Dear Sir or Madam

    Please may we have samples of A4 and A3 calendars, ideally featuring scenes of Britain and an indication of the cost (including carriage and VAT) for one hundred A4 or A3 calendars featuring the details above the line.

    Many thanks

    Pauline Hunter

    Open Locksmiths
    1a Homeway
    RM3 0HD
    10:25AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30466
    Hi there,

    Hope you had a great weekend

    I was just wondering whether you could give me some further information with regards to your personalised calendars. We're a fairly new company based in Cambridge with a new brand that we really want to push, and so we would need a desk top calendar that would be sent to 100 people. So we were wondering what the price would be for this, and also to what extent we could personalize the calendar (i.e. whether we could personalize every page, whether we could add in our own key dates on the calendar etc).

    Also, I know it's not listed on your website, but was wondering whether you did pocket diaries as well, and again to what extent we could personalize these.

    We would need to make a decision by Wednesday, and then make sure we can get everything printed and delivered to us by December 1st. If this is all possible could you please send us an example of one of your desktop calendars to the address below.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    10:13AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30465
    min qty
    silver bags and printed black logo one side
    Delivery - this week
    10:02AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30464
    White Fleece jacket with red logo front and back x 8, White Jogging trousers with red logo printed all over in random orientation x 8, white golf umberella's with red logo printed on them x 8
    9:58AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30463
    25 Promotional Umbrellas (Golf Size)

    Looking for a Cheap not to flimsy umbrealla in black with white logo and writing to be screen printed on every 2nd panel.

    Also 25 torches cheap with writing and logo.
    9:14AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30462
    either a menu shape or a car, need to fit quite alot of txt onto the magnet i need around 3000/5000
    8:56AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30461
    500 umbrellas, preffered 'dome' umbrella's with printing of "Nouveau'93" in particular font.
    7:02AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30460
    glow in the dark sign and promo glow in dark bracelet with logo
    1:14AM Nov 9th 2009 Ref:30459
    personalised pencils full size without eraser HB - a sample would be required at the time of quote minimum quantity 250
    5:01PM Nov 8th 2009 Ref:30457
    HB pencils sample would be requred at the time of quotation to check quality of product we would order 1000 minimum and full size pencils
    4:55PM Nov 8th 2009 Ref:30456
    better branded closeouts,and assorted store lots. Small lots to truckloads.
    10:03PM Nov 7th 2009 Ref:30455
    we are currently looking for ladies branded turtle necks,wool and or wool blend and ctton sweaters
    please advise asap
    as it is getting late
    5:57PM Nov 7th 2009 Ref:30454
    I need 50 med size royal blue and yellow collared polo shirts
    3:31PM Nov 7th 2009 Ref:30453
    a4 calendar with logo, 4 colours - pictures re catering (for schools so no alcohol pictures)
    wall planners as above
    100 of each
    7:27PM Nov 6th 2009 Ref:30452
    We require a quote for 72 sublimation mugs containing five colours.
    4:13PM Nov 6th 2009 Ref:30451
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