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    QTY 1000 match boxes. Natural Stick with black tip or black stick with white tip. 112mm x 66.7mm and 56mm x 47mm.

    Matte lamination outside, material kromekote CIS 12pt or equivalent.

    Black box with one colour logo.
    12:02PM Nov 23rd 2009 Ref:30605
    Pens, pencils, trolley coins. 1000 of each with our logo or artwork (we can supply both)
    11:57AM Nov 23rd 2009 Ref:30604
    I want a perfect bound glossy finished 180 paged A4 magazine. Full colour.
    All i want is a quote, as soon as possible.
    11:20AM Nov 23rd 2009 Ref:30603
    Hi could you give me a quote for car window stickers:

    10 x (size 300mm x 50mm) black
    10 x (size 300mm x 50mm) white
    10 x (size 300mm x 50mm) silver
    4 x (size 300mm x 50mm) red
    4 x (size 300mm x 50mm) yellow
    4 x (size 300mm x 50mm) blue

    Our site logo which is on our home page (size 150mm x 65mm approx), in the same quantities and colours as above.

    For all font styles please refer to our home page.

    Can i have a breakdown of cost for each individual style sticker and also any bigger group buy offers.

    Can you also advise on turnover time as this may be a regular ongoing order.

    Thank you for your time

    11:14AM Nov 23rd 2009 Ref:30602
    Lanyard, colour green, with safety release, g clip, white text "Ambulance Service "
    10:52AM Nov 23rd 2009 Ref:30601
    2000 cotton bags full colour both sides image area 190 x 277mm
    10:28AM Nov 23rd 2009 Ref:30600
    Could you please email me quotes on the following items and quantities -

    MUGS - Black with one print white logo

    Cereal/Soup Bowls - same design as above (one colour print)
    10k, 15k and 20k

    Looking for a delivery date of last week in Jan

    9:39AM Nov 23rd 2009 Ref:30599
    credit and debit card products
    9:28AM Nov 23rd 2009 Ref:30598
    500 pens
    9:07PM Nov 22nd 2009 Ref:30597
    Ambercromber &Fitch ,Hollister,American Eagle clothing.Purchase items by the case.
    6:57PM Nov 22nd 2009 Ref:30596
    £1 trolley key rings for B.A.S.C. (Bucksburn Amateur Swimming Club) with our logo. About 200 (can take more if needed)
    9:45AM Nov 22nd 2009 Ref:30595
    Looking for large branded gift bags to hand out at an exhibition. They need to be bigger than 15" x 15" and at least 3" wide (enough room for visitors to carry around all that bumpf they give out at exhibitions).
    8:16AM Nov 22nd 2009 Ref:30594
    1000 x drawstring bags with printed single colour logo
    8:06PM Nov 21st 2009 Ref:30593
    high denim levi, meks ,true reglion,
    8:02PM Nov 21st 2009 Ref:30592
    I am looking for 20 wirebound personalised A6 notebooks
    4:44PM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30591
    I would like 5 personalised badges, 1 special one with a small photo and 4 small badges with text.
    4:37PM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30590
    4:02PM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30589
    I am looking for 100 branded USB Flash Drives, braned with our company website address on 1 side. Not bothered what they look like. Just need the cheapest option possible. Thanks
    2:55PM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30588
    I am looking for 500 paper/plastic wristbands to control entry to our venue. I am looking for the cheapest price possible
    1:09PM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30587
    4000 cd cases made from recycled paper full colour printing
    1:05PM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30586

    I was after an approximate quote for the following please:

    70,000 x fridge magnets (standard business card size) - we would supply artwork (which would include our logo) and would require printing (full colour) and delivery.

    If it is possible to be sent a couple of samples, that would be really helpful.

    Many thanks,

    12:10PM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30585
    Resealable heavy gauge plastic bags 36" x 24" for display pictures
    11:46AM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30584
    USB memory storage
    11:43AM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30583
    model trams
    10:41AM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30582
    I would like a quote on the following branded separate items (or as many as possible from one supplier).

    Thick Socks/Leg Warmers
    Ear Muffs (branding not essential)
    Beanie Hats
    Gloves (branding not essential)

    I would need 23 of each of these items: in a mid-blue. 2 logos required, with 3 colours.

    I would also need these by 8th December.
    10:33AM Nov 20th 2009 Ref:30581
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