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    Please could you give me a quote for 1000 x 2GB branded USB sticks
    2:22PM Feb 17th 2009 Ref:27380
    I am looking for 5 Rugby Shirts each with our logo printed / stitched into the front left breast. preferably in Red and black
    12:20PM Feb 17th 2009 Ref:27379
    Due to another supplier letting me down i'm wondering whether you can supply me with the following within 3 weeks?

    Clear Pencil Cases = 1,000
    Sticky Notes = 1,000 – Logo printed on
    A7 Rucksack = 1,000 – White with logo
    Silcon Wristbands = 1,000 - / embossed 500 Pink & 500 Yellow -
    Pencil Sharpener = 1,000 -
    Popsicle Pens = 1,000 – White with logo
    Lollipops = 1,000 – Logo
    Prado Earthenware Mug = 1,000 with our logo on front
    Standard Bugs = 1,000 – with logo
    Bendy Pencil – 1,000 = White with our blue logo
    Pencil – 1,000 = white with our logo
    Foam Stress Mouse – 1,000 with logo
    11:40AM Feb 17th 2009 Ref:27378
    I am looking at getting 5000 cotton bags with our logo printed (7 colours).
    9:32AM Feb 17th 2009 Ref:27377
    I want 5 hoodies
    4 black with embroidered names on front in pink fucshia and on back, "paris 09-10"
    then one in red with writing same
    11:38PM Feb 16th 2009 Ref:27376
    approx 300 pens, red with black writing for our company name and email add, with black ink.. approx same in mugs and coasters.
    8:09PM Feb 16th 2009 Ref:27375
    Duffle style carrier bag, with company logo in rainbow blended colours. between 1000 and 2000 off.
    5:41PM Feb 16th 2009 Ref:27374
    Need price quote for 5,000 wrapped mints with and without logo imprint.
    5:24PM Feb 16th 2009 Ref:27373
    Please provide quote for the following promotional products - ideally from one source on headed notepaper (pdf format):

    LED cycle light sets front/rear with logo x100

    Cycle Computer x25

    Pedometer with logo x500

    Clock with Alarm function with logo x250

    Car/window stickers x500

    Umbrellas with logo x100
    5:14PM Feb 16th 2009 Ref:27372
    Instrument case stickers, 100. Yes to logo, mono
    2:10PM Feb 16th 2009 Ref:27371
    10 polo shirts for small business with logo on left breast 1 colour
    12:49PM Feb 16th 2009 Ref:27370
    Hi. I'm looking for car air fresheners (about 100) to promote smokefree cars. the logo is to be printed in black. How long would it take and how much would it cost including shipping fees?
    11:33AM Feb 16th 2009 Ref:27369

    Can flyer size design be doned in lenticular print? Can it contain 4 illustrations?

    What is the lowest cost it can be and how many copies?
    10:30PM Feb 15th 2009 Ref:27367
    8:52PM Feb 15th 2009 Ref:27366
    I am starting a new design lable and i need a range of plain t shirts in a variety of bright colours. They also need to be lableless at the back.
    1:35PM Feb 15th 2009 Ref:27365
    Coffee Clutch,

    Full print in black, design ready to go.

    2 colour if printed on white, 100% in coverage except in white text areas, other colour is red.

    Required amount 1000-3000 depending on price.

    Must work out at less than 9p a clutch.
    1:34PM Feb 14th 2009 Ref:27364
    looking for large quantity of used clothes/shoes round about 500 kilos, please come up with the price per kilo and also where you based. thank you
    12:30AM Feb 14th 2009 Ref:27363
    All ladies and men's apparel and accessories
    8:08PM Feb 13th 2009 Ref:27362
    60mm crystal Globe on black base - engraved logo - needed Thursday 18th Feb at the latest
    Quantity 50
    4:46PM Feb 13th 2009 Ref:27361
    Ladies and kids black velour tracksuits x 150 units over sizes. Delivered no later than 21st April.
    3:43PM Feb 13th 2009 Ref:27360
    hi there i wanted to get my company logo on makeup brushes two coulours only

    both sides
    2:27PM Feb 13th 2009 Ref:27359
    1:47PM Feb 13th 2009 Ref:27358
    We need about 20 to 50 clear glass ashtrays customized with our logo and company name in black.

    We also need about 15 mouse mats, again with logo and company name.
    1:42PM Feb 13th 2009 Ref:27357
    Mugs and chocolates with our logo on. Our 2 company logo which includes 2 colours. up to 100 mugs and 100 boxes of chocolates
    12:24PM Feb 13th 2009 Ref:27356
    Looking for a bespoke plan? made up on a stand for a promotional give away by a company which hires out private jets
    11:16AM Feb 13th 2009 Ref:27355
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