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    We are looking to source a large, plastic coffee cup (similar in appearance to a starbucks takeaway cup) that can be client branded and added on top of an ice cream van. It would need to be easily removable - preferably plastic. Is this something you can assist with and what would your fees be?
    5:43PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27329
    I am looking for branded memory/usb sticks approx 250 with 2 colours
    5:06PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27328
    I need about 500 pens. They need to be cheap with white backing for our company logo to be branded on to. The company logo has 2 colours, red and blue. Please provide me with a quote for the total cost.

    4:40PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27327
    I'm looking for various promotional items for our charity supporters including:
    Whistles & lanyards
    Quanity: 250 /500 / 1000
    Pref with our logo on - 1 or 4 colour.
    4:11PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27326
    Small Toothpick flags to be safe to use in food
    quantities 500/1000/2000/5000

    Full colour and/or single colour with our own design.
    4:07PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27325
    Hand towels
    Quantity: 500
    Branded 1 colour, 1 place – White with silver stitching

    Quantity: 100/200/500
    Branded 1 colour, 1 place – black with white/silver branding
    At lease 1GB
    In presentation box (box doesn’t have to be branded)

    Water bottles/flasks
    Quantity: 500
    Branded 1 colour, 1 place – white with silver branding / black with silver branding

    Glass paper weight
    Quantity: 100/500
    Bespoke design lasered inside glass
    Approx 13cm high x 6cm wide x 7cm deep

    Quantity: 500
    Preferably eat sensitive – design changes when they are filled with hot water (simple design using logo)
    Black with silver or gray branding
    3:51PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27324
    quotes for white paper sandwich bags in quantities of 19,600 and 24,500. Also quotes for the above with small one colour logo and quotes for the above with small 2 colour logo
    3:07PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27323
    carrier bag with name spirit beauty printed on them. One colour. Minimum order. Size to put shampoo bottle in.
    1:31PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27322
    I am looking for 9 space hoppers in green and we will need a logo put on them which will be 2 colours.
    12:59PM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27321
    printed pens, lighters, key rings, rubber bottle coolers
    11:38AM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27320
    50,000 and 100,000 paper stickers
    55mm or 65mm
    2 col, 3 col and 4 col print
    10:53AM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27319
    Oversized novelty pill bottles.
    9:57AM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27318

    Please can you supply me with a quote and timeline for ordering 2000 plastic beakers printed with our logo?

    The logo will be just a one colour, either green on a white plastic beaker, or white on a green? Whichever is the most cost effective.

    The beaker will need to be 100g, as they will be used for promotional measuring cups for one of our products.

    Please do not hesitate if you need any further information from me.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Many thanks
    9:50AM Feb 10th 2009 Ref:27317
    I need 1000 brown paper bags with tin tie.
    6:14PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27316
    seeking high quality sneakers at around $10 a pair for both men and women.

    seeking urban/hip hop accessories, watches, earings, big face watches, belt buckles, bags/purses
    6:04PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27315
    seeking new era hats
    5:59PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27314
    looking for artful dodger, schmack, coogi, rocksmith, kanji, miskeen brands
    5:57PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27313
    5000 small 2-ply paper serviettes printed with a large logo in red and green.
    5:24PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27312
    Hello. I need a price please for some printed floor mats, 85cm x 150cm. There will be 6 designs, all printed in full colour with my clients logo and they will want one off of each design.
    5:19PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27311
    3 T-shirts and 200 Leaflets. We have our own logo that needs printing on them both. 2 colours- blue & white
    4:14PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27310
    Looking for condoms complete with branded packaging (box or wallet to hold one condom).

    Want to get timings and costs for 250 / 500
    3:35PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27309
    Hi there. I am looking for gloss black folders with no logo and an insert for a business card. 20 in number, A4 size when folded.
    1:21PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27308
    T-shirts, fuschia pink, branded 4-col front and back. Qty: 2,000 in med and large sizes.
    12:40PM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27307
    boards that can be put up after we have completed a job we are looking for an estate agent style of board with our company logo on and our details its in 2-3 colours about 8 boards
    11:38AM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27306
    500 x colour A4 gusset folders
    1000 x colour A4 gusset folders
    County Antrim
    11:18AM Feb 9th 2009 Ref:27305
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