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    Personalised playing card

    Robert & sarah
    August 15th 2009

    (in black & White)
    3:32PM May 11th 2009 Ref:28479
    We need 150 USB memory sticks 500mb full colour logo.
    3:25PM May 11th 2009 Ref:28478
    2:25PM May 11th 2009 Ref:28477
    Plastic wheels for hamsters, including stands. 1 colour, including company logo. Qty 1000, 5000, 10000.
    1:41PM May 11th 2009 Ref:28476
    12:59PM May 11th 2009 Ref:28475
    text: HORROR
    font: arial
    quantity: 100
    colour: black

    12:30PM May 11th 2009 Ref:28474
    I need 150 USB Sticks (64 MB, or 128 MB-still not certain) with a full-colour logo printed on.
    11:52AM May 11th 2009 Ref:28473
    I am looking for approx 5,000 or more 16oz clear plastic cups with watertight lids with a corrugated whistle straw in a central hole in the lid.
    11:35AM May 11th 2009 Ref:28472
    I am after around 500 cotton shirts in a specific brand colour which is Cyan. A logo will be embroided on the left hand side near the chest. I will require around 70% male nad 30% female. Turnaround should be no more than 4 weeks.
    11:22AM May 11th 2009 Ref:28471
    Is there anyone who will do just 50 branded lip balms with my own logo? I am a make up artist and want to give them to clients, but a minimum order of 250 is too many for my initial marketing strategy!
    10:59AM May 11th 2009 Ref:28470
    cow bells with a strap for a biking race. info both sides. one with the logo on, the other side with some writing.

    bells can be any colour, info can be just one colour too!!!!
    10:28AM May 11th 2009 Ref:28469
    Printed paper kraft bag with logo. in small quantities
    7:53AM May 11th 2009 Ref:28468
    USB Sticks with Company Name in One Colour. Please quote with/without Logo and for 128MB-1GB. Qty 500, 1000, 2000
    12:31AM May 11th 2009 Ref:28467
    Hi I need 250 card photo frames A5 size with a cut out just smaller than 6x4 in front. Back plain and front full colour with a card stand at rear to hold up.
    4:46PM May 10th 2009 Ref:28466
    Fabric Grapes with a fairy or baby face
    1:18PM May 9th 2009 Ref:28465
    I am looking for a replacement 3m x 3m polyester canopy for my Rio Garden Gazebo Pavillion. colour cream or blue would do.
    12:29PM May 9th 2009 Ref:28464
    trolley coin keyrings approx 50 with company logo any colour

    trolley coin keyrings in "eye" design, any colour
    12:08PM May 9th 2009 Ref:28463
    baseball caps
    10:38AM May 9th 2009 Ref:28462
    200, 500 and 1000 metal badges/enamel badges. Design supplied
    12:32AM May 9th 2009 Ref:28461
    I would like a "business welcome pack" with some/all of the following:
    Post its, pens, usb memory drives, larnyards, mouse mats and coaster, notepads
    3:49PM May 8th 2009 Ref:28460
    2 soft earplugs in small transparent box with company logo in blue
    4000 off
    3:31PM May 8th 2009 Ref:28459
    How much would it cost for 2.5cm - 3cm 1,000 - 5,000 button bagdes approximately 6 words & logo 2 colour and how much for full colour.
    The other option is metal badges with pin or clasp 2.5cm by 2cm (rectangle) 1,000 - 5,000 to be designed by us approximately 6 words & logo. 1,000 -5,000
    3:13PM May 8th 2009 Ref:28458
    1000 carrier bags with company logo printed on both sides in one colour.
    250 pens with company logo
    2:07PM May 8th 2009 Ref:28457
    500 Keyrings of my band logo
    12:48PM May 8th 2009 Ref:28456
    Black Square branded box required to contain a brochure and membership card
    10:45AM May 8th 2009 Ref:28455
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