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    500 Memory Stick 64mb

    No logo - lowest cost

    Delivery required By Monday 31st May
    5:51PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28664
    QTY 500
    4:46PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28663
    Looking for plain coloured pencil cases (eg blue/pink/green/yellow), with zips, in plasticy material that kids can personalise with. fabric paints.
    4:33PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28662
    I'd like a quote for around 500 small badges (maybe more if good price), with our own logo.
    4:31PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28661
    bog standard, colour mousemats - 200x for the NHS
    4:29PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28660
    3D Wellington boot keyring printed with 3 colour logo. I would like quotes for the following quantites:
    3:10PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28659
    charity wristbands to remember the fallen soldiers in ireland and afghan (to raise money for the families) around 1000
    2:44PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28658
    5,000 fridge magnets, flat, approx credit card size, full colour printing with Council logo and wording 'Be inspired - use your library'
    2:02PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28657
    100 x buchensteiner mixchamp shaker cups, 2 colours on 1 side.
    100 x t-shirts, 2 colour logo.
    100 x t-shirts, 1 colour logo.
    100 x vest, 1 colour logo.
    100 x vests, 2 colour logo.
    100 x underpants, 2 colour logo.
    100 x underpants, 1 colour logo.
    100 x shorts, 1 colour logo.
    I would like to get quotes for as many of these as possible, and I am happy to purchase from different suppliers for each item.
    If you do better discounts on more items could you send me quotes for that too.

    Many thanks.
    1:30PM May 26th 2009 Ref:28655
    Pink Nylon Wallet with one colour logo printed
    11:35AM May 26th 2009 Ref:28654
    75 1000ml sports bottles for junior football club as cheap as possible. We also require our club logo(2 colors) plus sponsor logo (2 colors) to be printed (1 at each side)
    10:50AM May 26th 2009 Ref:28653
    1000 mousemats, full colour, UK delivery, artwork supplied to spec.
    10:23AM May 26th 2009 Ref:28652
    Good Evening,

    I am writing to ask about the cost of 450 bags (either draw string bags or bags that could be used to carry books and stationary to school) printed on one-side. The text would be the two school's names.

    I am a teacher at a school in England. Pupils here have promised to fill a bag with stationary. The bags will then be sent to a school in South Sudan to give each child there some stationary. At the moment, few children there have any pens or pencils, and usually have to write with sticks on the ground. Until one year ago (due to a twenty two year civil war) there was not even a school among these 700,000 Apuk Dinka.

    How much would such an order cost? Would it be possible to have them as a donation, at a reduced rate or at cost? Money is scarce and I hope to reserve as much as possible to build the fabric of the school. But identity is such a precious thing to them that they would treasure a printed bag with their name on.

    Please do ask further questions.

    Thank you.


    9:49AM May 26th 2009 Ref:28651
    20-30 pk set of audio acoustic treatment / sound foam for sound proofing. colour should be white or beige or cream
    12:06AM May 26th 2009 Ref:28650
    Plain lanyard metal clip 50 off. Plain or depending on price Plain with VIP printed once along the length.
    10:01PM May 25th 2009 Ref:28649
    Dear Sirs,

    We are looking to purchase 35.000 tyvek wristbands and would like a quote for this amount and also need to know if you can ship to Spain?

    If so we would like to purchase printed tyvek x 35,000 in seven colours (5000 of ech colour), each colour with a different text.

    I await your reply


    4:47PM May 25th 2009 Ref:28648
    Please let us have your best quotation for Calvin Klein - approx 12.000 pcs intimate apparel mixed men s briefs and ladies panties
    3:12PM May 25th 2009 Ref:28647
    50 dog tags with a logo and some writing
    10:56AM May 25th 2009 Ref:28646
    Wristbands in blue with website address

    what would be the minimum order and cost per band?
    9:35AM May 25th 2009 Ref:28645
    children's backpacks, plain pink and blue, 50 of each; mini wooden hairbrushes, 100
    7:42PM May 24th 2009 Ref:28644
    500 bags with either Saltire printed on them on our logo which has saltire with name & strapline
    1:05AM May 24th 2009 Ref:28641
    Looking for CHEAPEST possible quotes on Keyring and pens with Radio Station Logo and website address. Also would like a quote on Carrier bags of various quantities with Full Colour Logo. Price must include Postage and VAT, no hidden extras. This is a Charity based Organisation
    9:14AM May 23rd 2009 Ref:28640
    car flags white with "ford logo" in middle "ford convertible owners club" going round the log and "www.fcoclub.co.uk" underneath it all
    1:29AM May 23rd 2009 Ref:28639
    silicone wristbands (embossed) 500

    awareness ribbons, printed 1 colour 500

    awareness ribbons plain, solid colour 500
    10:47PM May 22nd 2009 Ref:28638
    Quotes required for Vinyl Static Car Window Stickers 56 x 250 mm or thereabouts, cut to shape
    10:42PM May 22nd 2009 Ref:28637
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