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    Latest Requests

    i pod shuffle - with company logo/website quote for 100 / 500
    10:55PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28585
    i pod nano - with company logo and website quote for 100 and 500
    10:51PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28584
    Car orientated promotional items such as air fresheners and tax disc holders etc. Initially a small order of 15 units per item.
    9:35PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28583
    I'm looking for jeans and shirts of the following urban brands: Rocawear, Coogi, Lrg, Ecko, Akademiks, Artful Dodger, Ed Hardy, Ect.
    8:52PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28581
    USB pen drive
    6:08PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28579
    How much for 2,500 of your Cheapest pens with our company name, slogan and 5 digit contact number? Slogan approx 9 words. 1 colour.

    And 1,200 of your cheapest promotional bugs with the same printing? thank you
    6:02PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28578
    I am looking for a manufacture to print personalised plates - small and larger quantities
    5:19PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28577
    Rubber wristbands customized with artwork which i will send..
    roughly 200 units
    4:41PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28576
    pens 100
    keyrings 100
    pads 100
    4:33PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28575
    Looking for quotes on a range of promotional items
    quantity of 500, 1000, 2000 of

    Post it notes, Pens, Rulers, USB Pen Drives
    4:21PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28574
    I would like a quote for 7000 silicone wristbands. I would like them to be plain and 1000 each of 7 different colours. This is to form a new ‘ticketing’ system for a new exhibition opening soon at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

    Thank you

    3:52PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28573
    Please could you find me quotes for these items.

    20,000 Branded bottle opener keyrings,
    20,000 Lanyards with branded strap
    60 roller banners
    200 mix men and womens white t-shirts (mixed sizes)with branding on the front, 45, branded
    and 20,000 white paper bags with logo on them. tablecloths

    3:36PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28572
    blank keyrings rectangle x 1000
    3:16PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28571
    1000 promotional bags with company logo
    2:36PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28569
    20,000 Tyvek wristbands

    2x Custom Prints

    with removable tab on the sticker part.
    2:27PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28568
    2,500 250ml or 300ml water bottles in navy with light blue lettering 'PLAY YOUR PART'
    1:34PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28567
    Sir I am interested in printing and buying the types of badges shown in
    the links.
    The focus 1-4 pictures show how I would like that they be attached (Safety
    pin), while the picture badge_small
    shows the layout of how the badge should be printed.


    I would like that the badge be:

    Background= Blue or dark blue
    Outline= Goldish-like colour
    Size: 12mm Diameter Thickness: 1.4mm
    Design: 2D Single Side
    Finish: Front-side Polished Back-side Texture

    Some questions:
    1. Do you send shipments to Albania?
    2. What is the cost of shipment & of production?
    3. What is the minimum order for the amount of badges?
    4. The type of shipment? Registerd/Fed-Ex etc..
    5. How is the payment effected? Visa/Paypal?Fax

    Yours Truly Rainer
    12:34PM May 18th 2009 Ref:28566
    50 USB 1 gb memory sticks with logo 2 colours - needed by Friday this week
    10:01AM May 18th 2009 Ref:28565
    I am looking for paper printing seeds packet start order is 20000 to 40000. Logo required.
    9:55AM May 18th 2009 Ref:28564
    Looking for branded flash drive pens 1gb 2gb 4gb. 500 approx, more at the right price. No logos.
    9:49AM May 18th 2009 Ref:28563
    5,000 wooden toys. Ideally tractor and trailer that can be pulled on string.
    9:36AM May 18th 2009 Ref:28562
    Quote 1:
    Ear plugs - branded
    Black, white and red branding
    To be printed with web domain
    Qty x 1,000 100 run-ons
    Qty x 5000 100 run-ons
    Urgent quote required
    9:18AM May 18th 2009 Ref:28561
    Band wanting promotional means of distributing music. qty 100-200
    1:51AM May 18th 2009 Ref:28560
    hand and full size flags
    in royal and yellow
    11:34PM May 17th 2009 Ref:28559
    We would like 25 T Shirts (or Polo shirts), in plain white with the Penny On Logo added.

    We need them for Friday 22nd May.
    1:43PM May 17th 2009 Ref:28558
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