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    Looking to get 500 T-shirts (purple) with company name on them, 100 white mugs with purple company name on them, 200 white and purple (good quality) pens with the company name on them, 200 white and purple keyrings,
    1:40PM May 14th 2009 Ref:28530
    Looking for 50 - 100 small gifts to be handed out to any Scouts we meet on our trip to Holland in the summer.
    Ad key rings, lanyards, are the ideas so far
    1:31PM May 14th 2009 Ref:28529
    1000 lanyards. Black ones with the following yellow text writing.
    Plug Into Road Safety: Drinks, Drugs & Driving Don’t Mix.
    We would need them for next week. Is that possible ?

    1:29PM May 14th 2009 Ref:28528
    Water small facial spray (x 30 or 40) for a conference. Want to keep costs low, so no branding required.
    1:17PM May 14th 2009 Ref:28527
    I am looking for 1Gb twister usb drive with print on both sides for the following quantities:-

    12:42PM May 14th 2009 Ref:28526
    Luggage tags to use as promotional items. Made of card with our logo on one side and space and lines to write name and address on other side
    11:23AM May 14th 2009 Ref:28525
    Looking for Red disposable ponchos which can have a white logo printed across the back. Initially looking to order 250, with the possibility of more once initial order has been received. We would require delivery no later than Thursday 18th June.
    10:32AM May 14th 2009 Ref:28524
    I require 1000 of Snap Top Mint Tins with our company logo in 2 colours printed on. Please provide a quote per unit.
    9:46AM May 14th 2009 Ref:28523
    I am looking for approx 500 pencils/and or pens, 500 balloons and kid friendly product suggestions for a school fayre?
    9:22AM May 14th 2009 Ref:28522
    8:35PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28521
    i am searching for 30-50 ballpoint pens wih my logo on them. could you please tell me how much that would cost?
    7:13PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28520
    cheap small carrier bags with coloured logo and text on. 2 colours. Quantity 300
    6:19PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28519
    Slippers, robes and towels branded with one colour company logo. quantity 50-100 of each item
    5:22PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28518
    Golf umbrella branded with company logo, one colour. quantity 50-100
    5:20PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28517
    Compact mirror, in pink. Branded with company logo which is one colour. Unsure of exact quantity c.100
    5:18PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28516
    50 Pure white ceramic photo frame ie AR 1562-06 (Cherie)
    5:17PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28515
    How many Max could you supply asap, what price for burnley football club car flags ect?
    4:05PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28514
    Please send me quotes for 250 mugs and good quality pens. The pens will have the name of our firm and our camel logo all in blue. The mugs should be in white showing the name of our company in blue, plus a photograph of our very distinctive premises
    3:10PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28513
    Addition to shot glass quote request posted today. Require presentation boxes for shot glasses included in quote. thanks
    2:33PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28512
    I am looking for 1,000 - 2,000 orange children's space hoppers (40cm) with one colour print
    2:30PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28511
    200 shot glasses, engraved "Mosslands & Weatherhead Class of 2009". Quote required today by 4pm. Shot glasses required delivered before 26.6.09.

    with thanks
    2:08PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28510
    I would like 250 ballpoint pens with my companies logo on them. how much would this cost and how soon can I receive the order?
    1:30PM May 13th 2009 Ref:28509
    I need 200 poker chips made up from my logo. Black chips overprinted in white and two blues. Would prefer 3d or raised detail if possible. Am open to suggestion on price, quantity etc but must be very high quality. Thanks!
    11:28AM May 13th 2009 Ref:28507
    I am looking for 40 purple t-shirts that we can print our logo on the back of.
    10:15AM May 13th 2009 Ref:28506
    8,000 Cotton T-shirts
    Coloured shirt
    Full Colour print both sides
    front area 200mm x 200mm, reverse 150mm x 40mm

    Need quote ASAP
    9:31AM May 13th 2009 Ref:28505
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