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    Latest Requests

    Wooden Branded USB made from supplied wood from us.
    12:33PM Jan 28th 2010 Ref:31074
    50 bone china mugs with a design in two colours (maroon and grey) which includes the company name and address as well as pomegranate line-art logo.
    12:21PM Jan 28th 2010 Ref:31073
    Printed quick-release, elasticated tourniquets.

    Maximum of 10 required, printed with company name and pomegrante line-art logo.
    12:19PM Jan 28th 2010 Ref:31072
    I would like to buy an a-board, could you send me a quote please
    11:28AM Jan 28th 2010 Ref:31071
    250 X 1GB personalized memory sticks with charity logo.
    9:22AM Jan 28th 2010 Ref:31070
    small 1" 100% embroidered patch of own design, for university project
    7:31PM Jan 27th 2010 Ref:31069
    magnetic business cards painter and decorator approx 100
    7:17PM Jan 27th 2010 Ref:31068
    usb stick
    5:00PM Jan 27th 2010 Ref:31067
    100 decks of playing cards personalized both front and back
    4:19PM Jan 27th 2010 Ref:31066
    we are a charity looking for 1000 small plastic magnifying glasses that can have a logo printed onto the handle/case etc
    1:06PM Jan 27th 2010 Ref:31065
    a 2 metre square jigsaw of my own design with about forty pieces
    10:48AM Jan 27th 2010 Ref:31064
    250 - 500 bespoke bar mats required featuring a University of Southampton marketing campaign.

    Standard industry size approx 94mm X 94mm square in full colour required.

    Delivery required by end of February.
    9:15AM Jan 27th 2010 Ref:31063
    20 bespoke bar runners featuring a University of Southampton marketing campaign. Standard industry size rubber backed bar runners in full colour required. Delivery required by end of February.
    9:14AM Jan 27th 2010 Ref:31062
    I'm looking for a baby product soother, bottle, or other items related to babies. I would need it to be able to hold one colour and one logo with 2 words.
    9:08PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31060
    I was wondering if I could get a quote for a white lanyard with one logo on one side and the other logo on the other side. Both logos will be in 2 colours.

    Can I have a quote for 1500 and 2000.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    4:22PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31059
    Monkey Theme - 500 x
    Plastic Monkey Toys
    Beach Towels
    4:18PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31058
    Bags - full colour print, same copy 2 sided. artwork supplied.

    Quantity, 500, 1000, 2000

    Please quote for standard plastic bags with patch handles 400mm x 600mm approx. Also for white paper bags with paper twist handle 22cm x 26cm 11cm
    3:06PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31057
    Basic step pedometer with one colour print

    500, 1000 and 5000 units
    2:58PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31056
    200 white paper bags with Sunderland City Council Logo printed on one side
    2:16PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31055
    500 off and 1000 off green t shirts with White and red print on the back
    2:13PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31054
    50 usb sticks, 4G, company logo in 2 colours.
    50 usb sticks, 4G, company logo in one colour.
    2:07PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31053
    500 lever arch files (double) in blue with college chambers printed on in a lighter blue.
    12:41PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31052
    Pencil cases: 5000-10,000
    Rulers: Same quantity as above
    Erasers: same quantity as above
    12:04PM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31051
    50 usb 256mb or 512mb pen drives with one colour print
    11:14AM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31050
    10:27AM Jan 26th 2010 Ref:31049
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