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    Latest Requests

    1000 plastic/polythene carrier bags . With black logo (also want qutes for colour logo) bag size aprx 15" (W) 18" (H) 3" gusset

    9:47AM Oct 25th 2010 Ref:36025

    250 neoprene laptop bags, in black, ideally featuring a couple of print areas (logo/url) Needed by 2nd Nov.

    9:17AM Oct 25th 2010 Ref:36024

    wristbands , cotton_bags
    keyrings - please quote for minimum order quantities.


    10:35PM Oct 24th 2010 Ref:36020

    pens for an exhibition 9 Nov 2010

    1000 pens required

    we would want the pen branded with text - 1 colour print

    2:41PM Oct 24th 2010 Ref:36017

    Branded USB s approximately 50. Also Key fobs - minimum run

    6:44PM Oct 23rd 2010 Ref:36014

    personalised pocket diaries for 2011 - branded with company name and phone number
    400 - 500

    Needed by middle of November

    4:12PM Oct 22nd 2010 Ref:36008

    2000 carrier bags
    printed on both sides

    12:54PM Oct 22nd 2010 Ref:36007

    100 pet collar tags - logo on front, contact info on back

    500 round logo stickers

    I have three colours in my logo (if you count white as a logo colour).
    I would like the products within the next couple of weeks ideally.

    12:50PM Oct 22nd 2010 Ref:36005

    I am looking for large christmas baubles to be printed with images by our artists. for example 20 120mm baubles printed with a copy of a painting. We would look for probably 20 baubles for each artist (one image per artist) and we would have between 5 -10 artists participate. Is this possible?

    12:24PM Oct 22nd 2010 Ref:36004

    I am looking to purchase some custom printed resealable bags. I do not know if you can provide these or not. I would like full color (would like a quote for both front/back color and one sided color)

    Size: 4in x 4in
    Quantity: 300-500
    I might have 4-5 designs.

    If printing on a bag is too costly, I may alternatively use stickers, can you give me a price on stickers in relation to the above quote?

    9:09AM Oct 22nd 2010 Ref:35998

    Quantity 100, with single colour logo and strips on.
    Problem is that we need to get an electronic box 22x45x100 inside the ball. We think it may need to be a foam (or foam filled ball) to hold the electronic box inside.

    6:19AM Oct 22nd 2010 Ref:35997

    100 usb memory sticks - branded with a text in 1 colour

    8:23PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35995

    Hi, I am trying to find a company that could supply small branded spoons, preferably wooden spoons, is this something you would be able to do?

    4:51PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35993

    Price for 50
    Price for 100

    golf umbrellas - with company name - Logo - Name - Phone number and web site. Black umbrella and yellow writing.
    Sample if possible

    Please advise on lead times.

    4:51PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35992

    1000 banner message pens

    Please advise on lead times.

    4:26PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35991

    wall calendars 2011 for 2011 - 500/1000/2,500/5000

    4:15PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35990

    I am looking for heat resistant pouches for hair straighteners. These are primarily to be used as a safety product to protect children from straighteners which are still hot so would need to be highly heat resistant. I may want logo or strapline included if possible.

    Looking for approx between 300 - 500.

    3:54PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35989

    100 golf umbrellas with a 2 colour logo (colours are cyan blue and lime green)

    15 White football_shirts with text and a large number on the reverse and a 2 colour logo printed on the breast

    3:44PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35988

    pens for an exhibition 15-17 Nov 2010

    250 quantity would be plenty, if 500 is min quantity it will have to be very basic model.

    we would want the pen branded with text - 1 colour print

    2:38PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35987

    I have been asked to overprint the company logo front and back on a small quantity of jackets:-

    Regatta Newman II Waterproof Insulated Jacket

    2 Xlarge
    4 large
    2 medium

    Front - left hand breast pocket area - logo
    Back – logo
    Can you handle this and if so at what cost?

    2:00PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35986

    I am currently looking for plastic bags . We are wanting to have our logo printed on (one colour) and possibly our website address in black print.
    Quantitiy: 1000.
    The bags are needed for an exhibition show to give visitors and will contain magazines and flyers (A4). Needed by 1st November.

    12:50PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35984

    Branded plastic bags  2 colour logo on black, white or clear. I am looking for a minimum run and a price on that run with deliver to London - 500/1000 would also be interested in prices for paper bags or a similar alternative that would allow for a smaller minimum order.

    12:27PM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35983

    100 usb memory sticks with company logo (2 colours)

    fast delivery needed - ideally by next wednesday.

    11:22AM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35981

    Bespoke lapel badges , 1 colour print, illustration supplied, 500 of, and 1000 of.

    11:15AM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35980


    Soft Circular mouse mats - Size = 235mm - would be provided with a design to go on them. - The approximate amount would be 100-200. And we will be looking to get them as soon as possible.

    11:10AM Oct 21st 2010 Ref:35979
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