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    Printed paper twist handle bags , white background purple writing - need 200 max to start.

    3:17PM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35842

    personalised & logo'd 2010 advent calenders approx 250 . Probably 3 colours.

    1:23PM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35841

    We are currently looking in to possibly investing in some merchandise and so I have been tasked with getting some quotes together. Please could you give me a quote for 500 each of the following items if you are able to do them

    pin_badges (in the shape of our Logo)

    An on board badge for in the car that say’s ‘Mini on Board’

    Eco friendly shopping bags with the mini logo and character on the side. This bag needs to be a suitable size for a pre-schooler to be able to carry.

    A kid’s sized apron with the logo
    A biscuit cutter in the shape of our mini character

    usb memory sticks with the logo on

    backpacks with the logo – a suitable size for a 4 to 9 year

    notepads with the logo

    If would be really appreciated if you could give an individual total cost for each item as well as an overall cost

    12:20PM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35840

    Cream 2 piece gift boxes 240mm x120mm x 50mm - please quote for minimum order quantity.

    11:59AM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35839

    I was wondering whether you are able to produce personalized receipt books with our logo on each page in the book?
    I would be after duplicate pages, and 100 pages per book with approx 30 books.

    Please contact by email

    11:57AM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35838

    Flag pens (1000)

    10:56AM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35836

    Plastic Eco- carrier bags , medium size branded with 2 colours. We need about 5000.

    cotton_bags same spec as above - approx. 5000

    Needed by 22nd October.

    10:24AM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35835

    Replica Premier League Trophy (at least 12") x 1
    Replica FA Cup Trophy (at least 12") x 1
    Replica Carling Cup Trophy (at least 12") x 1

    Budget not determined but not substantial. Suggest provisional max total £100 for the 3 trophies (flexible depending on quality)

    Lead time not critical, suggest before Xmas, No branding or engraving.

    9:09AM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35834

    trolley coins £1 size - please quote for 250 upwards.

    12:11AM Oct 15th 2010 Ref:35833

    Tyvek wristbands in the colours of yellow, gray, brown, white, red, orange and bright blue (100 - 250 each colour)

    lanyards in the same colours above (100 - 250 each colour)

    Plants to hire in for the event - two large ones for either side of stage and four medium ones for front of stage.

    Ballpoint pens with the words text on the side (750)

    10:02PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35832

    looking for an estimate for 250 mugs with company logo and picture printed on.Only going to use 1 colour to keep cost down

    Needed in approx. a month.

    8:57PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35831

    flyers - 1000

    Needed in approx. a week.

    7:47PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35829

    250 rubber wristbands with text.

    4:45PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35827

    250 wristbands , usb memory sticks 50

    Both branded with logo (1 colour)

    Please advise on lead times.

    4:33PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35825

    Basic white mugs with logo x 100

    Basic white post it notes with logo x 200

    Basic white plastic coasters with logo x 200

    Basic white key rings with logo x 300

    Basic white pens with logo x 500

    Basic white pencils with logo x 500

    White handled paper bags x 500

    4:16PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35824

    500 One fold cardboard gift card holders with our club logo on the front. Preferably in black with the logo in gold. The gift cards are credit card size.

    2:38PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35821

    Please quote for  oyster card holders made and customised with our company logo (1 colour) on them. the ones that are plastic and are roughly the size of a credit card that flip over? Could you email me the best possible quote for these please - Qty 500/1000/2000. Could you please also email me the best possible prices you could give for various 100/150/200 usb  customised with the company logo.

    Needed by mid November

    2:28PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35820

    I'd like a quotation for the following:

    100 lanyards (either white, black, orange or green - colour to be decided as of yet)
    1 side printed in one colour (probably white) Safety break Plastic pouch to hold ID cards

    We have already had a quote for £131.61 including VAT, Design and Delivery.

    1:52PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35819

    10 black V neck M size women t-shirts
    10 black V neck L size women t-shirts
    10 black V neck L size men t-shirts
    all with our logo printed on the central front
    deadline 22th October

    1:22PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35818

    I am trying to source some mini fridges to have branded and sent to some clients this Christmas (approx 40 units).

    Are you able to help me with this? I have been in contact with one supplier, however, they were only available to provide something that had a European adaptor.

    12:04PM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35817

    golf umbrellas with a wooden crook handle. Quote for 30, 40, 50 and 60.
    Design tbc but possibly burgundy or black background with a burgundy or black logo on every other panel.

    Please advise on lead times.

    11:16AM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35816

    personalised embroidered high quality ribbons for company christmas presents. Quote for minimum order number upwards.

    Needed by middle of November. Please contact by email.

    11:00AM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35815

    car window stickers
    key rings

    quantities - price break 250/500/1000/2000

    Needed by middle of November

    10:54AM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35814

    pin badges enamel 1000 or 2000 teddybear blue with text.

    Needed asap.

    10:46AM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35813

    carrier bags x 2000, branded with logo (1 colour) and of a reasonable quality.

    Needed by 15th November.

    10:12AM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35809
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