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    Approx 200. But before that we need  a sample. For this you may send the very lowest capacity USB, even 512M or 1G.

    7:41AM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35808

    Olympic Key ring - minimum order quantity.

    Needed by Friday.

    7:08AM Oct 14th 2010 Ref:35807

    keyrings , pens , wristbands - 500/1000/2000

    t_shirts , caps - 100

    Bunting, approx. 500 - 1000 metres

    All branded with company logo. Needed by 1st November at the latest. Would be interested in other ideas for promotional giveaways.

    8:25PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35803

    5000 x 20mm yellow smiley badges with a butterfly clasp.

    Please advise on lead times

    6:57PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35801

    We need 300 wristbands (it would be great to get a quote for fabric and rubber). We would need to receive them no later than 29th Oct.

    5:52PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35800

    paper bags with text and possibly logo - (5000 -10000)

    Please advise on lead times.

    5:26PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35799

    12,000 wristbands

    with text. Please advise on lead times.

    Please contact by email

    4:57PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35796

    Pop out stands with our logo and charity ethos - 2

    4:56PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35795

    300 mugs
    300 key fobs
    300 lanyards
    300 corporate_gifts

    Branded with an image. Needed in 1st week November.

    3:54PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35792

    nice quality keyrings with our logo engraved, metal on leather

    - 250/500

    Needed asap.

    3:40PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35791

    Looking for resealable carrier bags which you can use at the airport. Unfortunately I can not give a quantity at the moment. If you could give us a rough idea what the minimum order is and I guess prices are staggered from there on. We are looking for branded carriers with our logo.

    No lead time as we are looking at quotes only at the moment.

    I would appreciate it, if I can get a reply by email as I am often not in the office.

    3:20PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35790

    I’m after a quote for the following:

    300 of the “reel” type lanyards (lanyard that goes round the neck, but it also retractable).

    300 of the reel belt clips (that clip onto pants & is also retractable).

    600 card holders (the bit that actually holds the card) –these will need to be able to take 2 cards.

    100 Visitor Lanyards (these can also be reel type & preferably with Visitor marked on them)

    We need to compare RBH branded and non-branded so for each quote it’d be great if we could get both of these. For the branded they will need to match our colours pretty closely (lilac, purple & green), but the non-branded ones should be able to do either green or purple.

    Please could you send me a quote including VAT for each of the above items?

    2:44PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35787

    carrier bags : White degradable polythene either printed 2 colours both sides (common) or 4 colour process both sides.
    Approx: size: 375 x 460 x 100mm with punched out handles and a safety air hole. Qty 10k + 1k run-on

    2:43PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35786

    1,000 Branded oyster card holders

    Please base your cost on four colour. The product would be needed at the end of November.

    12:44PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35781

    Branded Compact (make-up) Mirrors. One colour print.
    Quantities: 1k, 5k, 10k

    Also any ideas for branded giveaway products to include in a gift bag aimed at female customers.

    Please advise on lead times.

    12:35PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35780

    250 hand warmers with company logo (2 colours)

    Needed by 1st week in December at the latest.

    12:33PM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35779

    I'm after white telescopic umbrellas , 3 colour print, delivered next Tuesday, 19th October, quantity 200.

    This is obviously a very quick print job so please only reply if you can supply the umbrellas by/on the 19th.

    11:51AM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35775

    I was hoping you could provide me with a quote for producing branded christmas_baubles . The baubles are to be 50mm (or could be a little bit bigger if necessary) in width and I would like a quote for producing 150, 250, 500 and 1000.

    If the baubles could be black with gold print or gold with black print, print doesn’t need to be anything fancy. If you have different options for printing options then if you could give me a quote for these too.

    On one side we would be wanting a logo and on the reverse would be a web address.

    Could you please also provide a quote on small boxes that these baubles could be put in. Again quotes on 150, 250, 500 and 1000.

    11:40AM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35773

    desk calendars , with company logo (2 colours - blue/silver), may decide to incorporate pictures of our works on each month, dependant on prices - 100/250/500/1000

    Needed by middle of November

    11:34AM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35772

    Wellington boots (20 -30 pairs). We would like to give our show crew some personalised wellington boots as a gift. Perhaps a show logo (price break for 3 colours and 4 colours) on one and their name on the other. Is this possible?

    Needed in approx. 2/3 weeks.

    10:59AM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35770

    We are looking for Tracksuits/Tshirts for young members in our Community group clubs ages from 5-19years. We are a non funded non profit organisation so we are looking for teamwear that is affordable to all parents - 100+ of each.

    10:27AM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35769

    branded logo pens (2 colours) x 500
    trolley_coin_key_ring x 500

    Needed in approx. 2 weeks.

    9:54AM Oct 13th 2010 Ref:35767

    2gb memory_sticks with full colour logo (2 colours). Please email cost for 250, 500 and 1000 twisters.

    No definite lead time. Please contact by email as won't be in the office for a few days.

    8:30PM Oct 12th 2010 Ref:35756

    diaries  with logo (2 colours) - may increase volume - items -

    Needed by beginning of November. Please contact by email.

    6:48PM Oct 12th 2010 Ref:35755

    Personalised company post_it_notes .

    I am looking for quotes for a client of ours who is setting up a new business.  They are looking for white post-it notes in sizes 100x75mm printed in 3 colours with their logo, company name, web address and telephone number.  Minimum quantities are required. There is no deadline for production.

    5:51PM Oct 12th 2010 Ref:35754
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