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    Latest Requests

    5-6 awards with couple lines of text (e.g. small trophies) for a fun-run that we are competing in in a couple of weeks time.

    8:06AM Sep 27th 2010 Ref:35378

    require a quote for approx 25 golf umbrellas in red and yellow segments.

    Also price to include with a logo (1 colour) printed on and price without

    No specific turnaround time

    9:08PM Sep 26th 2010 Ref:35377

    I need at least 120 whoppee cushions (possibly more). Ideally they would be purple. How much would these be? may need these soon so a quick response will be greatly appreciated.

    8:42PM Sep 26th 2010 Ref:35376

    1000 personalized carrier bags - blue/white with text

    turnaround - asap

    12:31PM Sep 26th 2010 Ref:35373

    carrier bags white/blue with gold writing - 1000

    Clothes Tickets/price tags with branding - 1000

    No definite lead time.

    9:24PM Sep 25th 2010 Ref:35371

    Modern, customised rugby shirts for a team of 30 people, varied sizes and varied names and numbers

    3:45PM Sep 25th 2010 Ref:35369

    pens (good quality) 1,000; mugs 1,000; flasks (thermal) 1,000; key rings (torch/heart shaped) 2,000
    Compass key rings 2,000; Pencil case with pencil, rubber (with seal), sharpener and ruler (1,000 each); A5/A4 sized note pads 1,000; Triple Highlighter; Hoodies (1,000); Buble blower (1,000) for kids goody bags; Bookmarks (1,000) for kids goody bags; Colouring packs (1,000) for kids goody bags; Note pads (1,000) for kids goody bags; Lanyards 500; Pvc badge holders 500; Silicone wristbands (quote for 3,000 and 5,000); Oyster Card holders 20,000; Umbrella (1,000) - no more than two colours.

    Turnaround - 3 weeks.

    1:41PM Sep 25th 2010 Ref:35367

    I need 1000 plastic bags with the school logo on it for next friday for an event on the saturday morning.

    11:31PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35365

    100 cotton bags - with logo, website address and contact number
    100 plastic bags - with logo, website address and contact number
    100 pens with company details
    100 key rings with company details
    Don't want to pay more than £350 - we can advertise your company on the merchandise
    We will have a stand at the wedding fair in Birmingham

    9:50PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35364

    Bluecamouflage Visors - 288

    6:58PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35360

    I am looking at ordering some plain oyster card holders (1 colour) and approx. 250 in quantity. No definite turnaround time, would require some time next year.

    5:41PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35359

    100 usb

    5:32PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35357

    A5 page a day diaries in burgundy and brand with company logo (1 colour), message and contact details on the outside cover.
    Qty 100-150

    Turnaround - mid November

    3:56PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35353

    500 pens with our logo
    250 mouse mats with our logo
    125 stressballs shape of computer with our logo (1 colour logo for all)

    Turnaround - beginning of October.

    3:43PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35352

    Plain cotton black t-shirts ranging from smll to xxxl. about 30 of each size - please quote for with logo (1 colour - white) and without. No definite turnaround time.

    3:28PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35351

    72,000 A5 carrier bags with a logo printed on them. No definite turnaround time.

    2:45PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35350

    500, 1000 pen pots that look like a drinks can. Graphics to be full colour. Please confirm lead times, will require by end of October/Beginning of November

    1:02PM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35348

    Hi, I am in desperate need of some personalised carrier bags with our logo (4 colour - white & 3 different blues) displayed on the front.

    I am preferably looking for white paper kraft type bags of a standard size. The only issue I have is that I need the bags to be complete in time for an exhibiting event on the 7th October. The quantity of bags that I am wanting are preferably 1,000 - 5,000.

    I realise you have a lead time and I understand that this would be a push for you, but if it is possible please include prices.

    11:31AM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35345

    pens - minimum
    umbrellas - 10
    mugs - 50
    mouse_mats - 100
    diaries - minimum

    with text - 3 colours green/blue/black.


    11:08AM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35344

    blank lanyards - 250 (a sample would be appreciated). No definite turnaround time.

    1:57AM Sep 24th 2010 Ref:35342

    I would like a quote for badges with text. As we have a very small budget so any type of size, design, colour and etc. - 1 colour print - turnaround of 2 weeks.

    10:37PM Sep 23rd 2010 Ref:35341

    not sure of quantity yet - 250 plus

    am looking for badges  with different text. 

    No definite date for turnaround but would need them asap.

    8:05PM Sep 23rd 2010 Ref:35338

    100 x 64MB USB(2.0) Flash Drives, screen printing or laser engraved, front and back or 100 x 128MB USB(2.0) Flash Drives, screen printing or laser engraved, front and back

    5:08PM Sep 23rd 2010 Ref:35336

    I am looking for personalised carrier bags , unsure how many, but a quote for about 500/1000 would be good, colours - pink and black if possible. No definite lead time - need by May next year.

    Please only contact by email!

    4:54PM Sep 23rd 2010 Ref:35335

    sports_bottles (100)

    4:51PM Sep 23rd 2010 Ref:35334
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