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    Would like to order full colour oyster_card_holders cheaper than 0.99p each must incorporate our company logo and text and our website address. many thanks x

    6:50PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35251

    I am looking for 1000-2000 bags that you can put folder up newspapers in to hang on guest doors. Ideally a white bag with Doubletree Logo.

    4:45PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35250

    About 60 coffee_mugs with writing.

    4:04PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35247

    About 200 charity_wristbands (one colour and with printed writing on it) for a charity event.

    3:34PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35246

    ponchos x1000

    3:28PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35245

    I'm looking to purchase 250 usb sticks for a conference to be held on 26th October 2010.

    Could you provide me with quotes for the following
    > 250 1gb_USBs, with file upload, logo and delivery
    > 250 2gb USBs, with file upload, logo and delivery

    > 250 1GB usbs, with file upload, no logo and delivery
    > 250 2GB usbs, with file upload, no logo and delivery

    We would need the 250 units delivered to us by 22nd October 2010 at the latest. What would be the last possible date we could place an order by to guarantee delivery by the 22nd October?


    3:18PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35243

    I'm looking to order approx 500 personalised coasters for an event, we're probably looking at the paper ones with the wax back.

    I would be grateful if you could provide prices, and some samples.

    Many thanks

    2:45PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35242

    I am looking for 30 business_card_holders, to have our logo and 'Care Ambassador' written on it. I am looking to spend about £5 per item and looking for a fair quality card holder, not some of the more flimsy ones you can get. Thanks

    2:35PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35240

    Hot drinks flasks with a handle - 12oz size. 50-100 to start

    2:09PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35239

    Diaries with company details for 2011 (100)
    Christmas_Cards (100)

    2:00PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35238

    Assorted gift bags for postcards, calendars and larger bags for picture prints 17 x 11. It would be good to have pictures on bags with email and name of company.

    Also: bespoke pictures on place mats and drink mats. I am also trying to locate company that can turn photos into gift wrapping paper, and suppliers of paper carrier bags.


    1:50PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35236

    White umbrellas, with custom logo.
    Not sure on quantity just yet, looking around for prices

    1:25PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35235

    Would like to order 25 large golf_umbrellas of good standard with our logo on one panel and our company name on the other - to rotate.


    1:17PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35234

    10,500 plain white tea_towels, to have a brand logo printed on them.

    1:13PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35233

    1000 playing_cards

    12:39PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35232

    We require 12oz and 16oz cups to go with our logo printed on them. We have storage issues and are a new company so costs need to be low and budgets kept to.

    If the quote is too much for us to cope with or too many cups to order to store we may require the sleeves of the cups to be printed instead.

    12:37PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35231

    I was looking to get a quote for 600 oyster_card_holders printed with one colour. Would you also be able to tell me whether you could have these delivered by the 27th of September.

    Thank you for your help.

    12:36PM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35230


    Could you give me a quote for approx. 10x (or more if you have a minimum) 1 and 2 print umbrellas with a logo printed on 4 panels? Also, can you do a cyan colour?



    11:43AM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35227

    150 lanyards printed

    11:23AM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35226

    pencils, key_rings, balloons, beakers - all with 'SCOTTS distribution milk for FREE' printed on them.

    8:29AM Sep 20th 2010 Ref:35225

    50 t-shirts

    11:55PM Sep 19th 2010 Ref:35224

    usb_flash_drives and external hard drives. About 100 flash drives and 30 hard drives.

    1:29PM Sep 19th 2010 Ref:35220

    10 t-shirts with White Lion printed on front, Staff on rear, colour terracotta

    80-100 placemats with photo insert of pub

    11:09AM Sep 19th 2010 Ref:35219

    Cushions with "I play bingo at polish american social club of vero beach" on it. I will need about 250-300 units

    8:29PM Sep 18th 2010 Ref:35217

    Could you please tell me how many custom temporary tattoos I could order for £100?
    They are one colour and would ideally like them to b roughly 2/3inches squared.


    Jack Mackrill

    8:16PM Sep 18th 2010 Ref:35216
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